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This week we saw yet another terrible shooting, when twenty children died at a school in Connecticut. The name of the town will be burnt into people’s memories. In the UK, we remember similar incidents such as Hungerford and Dunblane. Whenever children die needlessly it is not only frightening, but tragic.

Whether it’s negligence that was to blame as happened in the tragedy of Aberfan in Wales long ago or someone with a gun, it makes no difference. It shouldn’t happen at all, we should try to protect children. They have a right to life, they have a right to shelter, they have a right to food and they have a right to live without fear. It isn’t just the guy who pulled the trigger that is to blame, it also the guys who won’t give up their guns and everyone who just doesn’t care enough to stand up for the rights of kids.

I like a good action movie, but maybe it’s time we looked at some of the more violent stuff in films and on TV. The films now aren’t like like years ago when some cowboy would draw his gun, fire and the bad guy would drop dead. Now we have the good guys brains getting splattered half way across the country and we even see the bullet winging it’s way to it’s target. How long before we all get used to watching kids getting killed on TV?

I also saw a programme on TV this week about teenagers ending up on the sex offenders register for having child pornography on their smart phones.The pictures were of their classmates!  Pornography is a way of life now for teenagers and some sexual behaviour that was once considered perverted and disgusting is now seen as normal. It is promoted as normal by the porn industry. Should we protect children from brain washing by perverts?

I saw something this week that made me think. It was a film clip of gypsy children form 60 years ago, they were being studied for a student’s PhD. She found the children didn’t have inherent criminal tendencies, but suggested they be sterilised, just to make sure they didn’t pass on ‘criminal genes’.  When the research was over, the children were sent to a concentration camp, most of them ended their lives in a gas chamber.

Ever wondered why soldiers when they are training, always have to go to a camp away from home? The academic theory is that to change someone, you must destroy their culture. You do this by taking away everything they know and feel secure with. You take them away from their home, friends, parents and everything familiar. You destroy them and then they are easily manipulated and accept change. They become whatever you want them to become; even killing machines. The government could try this on the unemployed, take away their money, friends, homes, families and self respect; then start again…

I tend to think people’s mental health is important, but many mental health services are being contracted out now in the UK to charities and there is even talk now of social enterprises taking over mental health care. It can be difficult to identify who has a serious mental health problem. It isn’t until it’s too late that we realise. Scientists need to develop a scientific test. It seems that some tendencies towards mental health problems are genetic according to some scientists. Having a horrible childhood isn’t to blame after all. I think it would be worthwhile making sure kids have decent childhoods, free from poverty and fear; just in case. It seems less extreme than a gas chamber…

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3 responses

  1. Can’t argue with what you say. I still go by the argument that just to carry a gun should mean a life scentence, What other reason than to kill?

    16, December 2012 at 1:51 pm

  2. Hi Nick,

    I thought I might have laid it on a bit strong in this post, but some people need to be shocked out of their dream worlds where everything is just peachy…

    Thanks for dropped in.

    16, December 2012 at 2:56 pm

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