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Neodigital Art | Winter creativity

All Saints 009

I managed to take a few photographs on Sunday, it was cold, but at least the rain stopped. This one was into the sun, but it looked a good shot at the time.

All Saints 014

All the ducks and geese were gathered together at the far end of the lake, hoping to get some food. You can just see some ice on the right of this picture, it was freezing over night and only about 7C when I took this.


I’ve done a few edits on this picture and it looks better, but still quite dull. It’s the Milky Pool and I think it will make a really good shot in Spring when the light is a lot better.

All Saints 041

After the Milky, I went down to the river and it looks quite different in winter. It was flowing fast and had flooded a little up river. A lot of the foliage has died back and so I got a better shot of the river. It changed as the seasons change and gets overgrown.

All Saints 043

I’ve took this shot before, but keep improving the shot. The guy who wandered into the shot and stopped to look at the river, seems to make it a better picture.

All Saints MONO EDIT

All Saints Church stands at the top of Sandwell Valley and is quite imposing. It’s a better landmark than these plastic and glass boxes that architects now impose upon us. I edited this picture with PhotoScape and converted it to monochrome using colorize.

There are amore interesting and artistic pictures on today’ article on a zillion ideas too. I’ve done a Christmas card type picture and captions on there.

7 responses

  1. Hi Mike, Wow, a lot of great pictures today! The picture taken into the sun is very cool. I wouldn’t have thought to try that shot.

    The Milky Pool edit is lovely. What edits did you use? Did you add color to that image?

    Did you edit the river image? The colors and water seem very powerful.

    The man in the canal photo seems to fit so well, perhaps because of the color of his jacket. It seems artistic that he is there.

    The edited church photo is fantastic. That green monochrome has such an antique look to it that fits the church perfectly.

    Today I reviewed another smartphone at The Wonder of Tech and uploaded some more images to my Flickr page. New fodder for your wonderful editing talents!

    19, December 2012 at 2:20 pm

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Most of these these were edited a little. Usually I add highlight and contrast. The Milky pool was made lighter too, I think that will be a great shot in better light. The church was a good shot, but the monochrome makes it more interesting. The man by the river does look like he’s posing!

      I’ll check your Flickr stream for the new shots. I want to check out your blog about smart phone features of the future. Wireless charging interests me or at least the science behind it. I experimented with that a long time ago in college.

      You might like my eBook Christmas story! 🙂

      It took me a while to figure out that download!

      19, December 2012 at 2:50 pm

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