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Improving your Facebook Timeline

A landscape

I chose this picture as a Facebook Timeline picture because it has open sky where I can add text. I had a lot of water too, but a timeline picture has to be wide and not very high. You can take a photo and crop it to make it the right shape. Facebook does allow you to position it. You can then add text.

A landscape timeline picture

Then you can add text like this!   If you use a snow picture you could put Merry Christmas on the picture. I used PhotoScape to edit this picture, but you can use Microsoft Paint, to crop, resize and add text too. Remember that your profile picture will overlap the header on the left of the picture, so put your text on the right. You can can also upload your picture to other people’s timeline and so it’s a good way of saying happy birthday!

Try to get the mood of the picture to match the mood of what your message is. This is a winter picture, snow pictures are better for Christmas and summer pictures for happy events. You can click the pictures to see them larger.

The more photos you add to Facebook generally, the more interesting your timeline will be. It is better now, because you can create different albums much easier.

Please comment or even send pictures in.

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