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Naughty or Nice?

In the snow

When I was a kid, we were told we would get coal in our stocking instead of presents if we were naughty. Why coal? The original idea of Father Christmas or Santa Claus was that he would drop gold coins down the chimney for ‘good children’ on Christmas Eve and if you were naughty you would wake to find coal in the stockings you had hung in the fireplace instead.

I suppose this tradition was changed over the years until Santa came down the chimney. I have no idea what parents tell their children now everyone has central heating. Santa probably teleports in from the North Pole.

One enquiry I get a lot, even when it’s not Christmas is: What are Aldi’s opening hours at Christmas? You can click that link to find out. If you need the opening hours for other supermarkets or stores, then iopeningtimes is a good place to look. Lidl say on their website to check in store. I think most supermarkets close early today (Christmas Eve), close Christmas Day and Boxing Day and New Years Day is a bank holiday, so they close again. My local Asda is a 24 hour one now,  their opening hours are reduced, but they are open on Boxing Day. You might pick up a few bargains in Asda on Boxing Day…

If your turkey’s weight is in pounds, you cook it 30 minutes for each pound, plus 30 minutes. Make sure it’s thawed well, if it’s a frozen turkey. Poke it with a knife in the thickest part of the meat and the juices should run clear if it’s done. If your turkey is marked in kilograms, then about an hour for  each kilo should do it. Do turkeys still have the giblets inside in a plastic bag? That was always a daft idea, but it’s best to check!

You can still read my Christmas story, it’s been quite popular. It’s about two lonely people meeting at Christmas. No sex, violence or profanity in it, because it’s Christmas. If you come back and comment and tell me it was good or something, I might give more short stories away next year. I think some of my friends are interested in writing some too. It could catch on…

For those of you, who aren’t in England. There isn’t really any snow, it’s raining and I think the weather will be quite mild for Christmas. Since the calendars were altered in the 16th century, we tend not to get snow at Christmas. I think we should alter the calendars again, so Christmas comes every 24 months. It would save a lot of expense…

A lot of alcohol will be drunk this Christmas, please remember that it can stay in your system for some time. So don’t drink if you have to drive, you can be over the drink-drive limit; even the next day. If you are drinking a lot of alcohol, try to drink non alcoholic drinks too, even water! It will help stop you getting a hangover; food with the booze helps too.

I shall be blogging all over Christmas. I usually do a art and photography blog on a Tuesday. I have no idea what I’ll be writing about tomorrow, but it will be interesting. You can subscribe to this blog or follow me on Twitter. You can also check out my other site, a zillion ideas. Have a great Christmas, stay safe, but enjoy being with friends and family.

Merry Christmas


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