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Boxing Day blues.

Panoramic watercolour pencil

I’ve started with an artistic picture today. I used three different programs to do that one. It’s Boxing Day and I think there will be a few hangovers around today. For those of you asking about supermarket opening hours, I think they’re all closed except for Asda. You can check out iopeningtimes for most stores.

You might get a few bargains in Asda today,  especially if you pop in early. They should be selling off fruit and veg or maybe selection boxes? Pop in later and they could have the Easter eggs on the shelves…

Smile with tongue out

We can make a start on the New Year resolutions now. It’s good to set goals for the future. I want to write more short stories like the Christmas story that I wrote. I’ll try to get an exhibition for my pictures. If the rain stops, I might even take more photos, at the moment the sun is shining and it looks good. I’ll try to develop a zillion ideas more. It seems to get more readers, but hasn’t been a resounding success. I have tried to make the articles on there different, so they will be interesting for longer and less topical. Readers on this blog tend to read one or two articles, but on a zillion ideas, they read two or even four articles.

I would also like a weekly column in a magazine or newspaper, where I can be irreverent, humorous, sarcastic and facetious. I’d settle for one on a well known website that has lots of readers. I’m not very expensive, but I would like to sell the copyrights on those articles.  I want 2013 to be the year of more inspiration and motivation.

Last evening, I had guests. I put on a  selection of food and drinks and a game for us to play.  The game was Yahtzee and so fairly easy for everyone to learn quickly. Talking to people can inspire us to do things. There is an exchange of experiences and ideas. In the case of my guests, an exchange of cultural experiences and ideas. The English guests went home with paper plates with their names written on them in Chinese…

Smile with tongue out

Today, I shall be eating traditional fare. Some people will be doing turkey curry and all sorts of exotic dishes. I like turkey reheated in gravy, yummy… The turkey has been in the fridge overnight, so it’s safe to reheat it. They don’t celebrate Christmas very much in China, but on Christmas Eve it is traditional to eat an apple. I have lots of fruit, I must eat some, we need more vitamins at Christmas. Bananas are good if you’re drinking alcohol, they help replenish the lost potassium.

Usually on a Wednesday, I write about writing fiction. My tip this week is for writer’s block. When you come to a dead stop, as I just did. Make tea, look out of the window and then sit down and start again! My most popular blog this week has been a thrifty blog about saving money at Christmas. Most people also wanted supermarket opening hours! I shall be doing my thrifty blog again tomorrow. I have more guests at the weekend and so I have to buy more fresh salad. Lots of food gets wasted at Christmas and so don’t do so much! I left some food in the fridge,  so I could always add to my buffet later! I have some salad left that will keep and I can use it at the weekend. The rest of the food in the fridge I can eat. I do hate wasting food. You can even make stock from the carcase of the turkey, then use it as a base for delicious soup.

I hope you’re all enjoying Christmas. Read my Christmas story, if you get bored! You can also make a list of your New Year resolutions. What are your goals for 2013? Please comment and share your ideas…


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  1. I read the Christmas story. Good stuff. I’ll have to think and maybe post an older one of mine on my site. One which is out of print now. Might as well use them rather than be forgotten.

    26, December 2012 at 11:18 am

    • Hi Nick,

      It helps to get your name known. Upload it to media and it sort of comes up in a new blog. Then click the link and make a note of the url of the PDF to post in you blog! I used Word to write it and Primo PDF to make the PDF.

      I have a story I wrote for the BBC radio, I might dig that out. It was funny, about a Black Country guy who won the lottery!

      Thanks for popping in… Hope you’re enjoying Christmas.

      26, December 2012 at 1:24 pm

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