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Champagne and strawberries

While many people are worrying about paying their bills in January after the excesses of Christmas. It was revealed this morning in the Telegraph that one London street has homes valued at £8.1 millions. These houses are a stone’s throw from Harrods and belong to the super-rich. They can afford the best and never need worry about the next gas and electric bill.

While you were swilling back the cheap booze over Christmas, these people drank the vintage champagne, with the best organic strawberries. I have no doubt they enjoyed their caviar and no they didn’t get it from Lidl! These people are in a league of their own and can buy and sell the Chipping Norton set. These people are a cut above the Hampstead village crowd even.

The super rich will have a great New Year, thanks to you spending money in shops that they own. They won’t thank you of course, they will simply laugh at you suckers. I have come across a lot of elitism recently, it takes many forms. You might have heard about the fiscal cliff over in America and thought to yourself. What the hell is a fiscal cliff? They use this confusing language, to avoid telling you they messed up again. Quantitative easing is such a wonderful term, that it gets shortened to QE. What does it mean? It means printing money. So why, if they can print £375 billions to bail out business and banks, can’t they print a bit more, rather than cut benefits for the poorest in society?

Did you watch the Queen’s speech on Christmas Day? Did you cheer on the Jubilee celebrations? Did you support the £12 billion Olympics, for the chosen few? Did you buy the latest Christmas CD made by the super-rich pop stars? Did you watch the celebrities on TV this year and tell your friends how wonderful they are?

If you follow like sheep, expect to get fleeced….


3 responses

  1. lol, Mike. QE always makes me laugh – my grandmother used to use the expression for letting clothes out! That way children could make use of them for another year…….

    We didn’t have champagne or strawberries either, just thought I’d clarify 😉

    28, December 2012 at 11:58 am

    • Hi Myfanwy,

      In parts of Europe there is a backlash now against the rich. Opportunities need to be shared around and so does the power. I had a cheap bottle of perry from Lidl and someone thought that was champagne. I still haven’t opened it! People can afford to buy houses for £8M while others live under bridges in London. Something doesn’t seem right!

      28, December 2012 at 1:03 pm

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