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Greed or sustainability?

All Saints 045

What’s your goal for 2013? To get more or just to hang on to what your have? Many people just want to hang on to what they have. Reading through the statistics for my blogs, I find the saving money blogs are the most popular.

The empire builders in Civic centres around Britain always want more. My local politicians now want to expand their empires by taking over the running of jobcentres. I see what they are up to. They will do this as a joint venture between the metropolitan boroughs and cities of the West Midlands. It’s a step towards joining them all together and making a super-city that stretches from Wolverhampton to Solihull. The CEO of this super-city will have to be the highest paid in the world of course and the mayor will be the grandest mayor. It always has to be bigger and better. Is The European Union a success? Is the United States a success? Is the United Kingdom a success? Is big, beautiful? 

Champagne and strawberries was yesterday’s post and that pulled no punches. The people who count in this country, the middle and working class are being fleeced by the rich and powerful. They enjoy their champagne and strawberries and swan around while the rest of us try to make Britain a better place to live in. I respect doctors on 100K a year, helping the sick, watching people die even. I admire nurses that care for us, when we are in desperate need. I don’t admire the parasites that think they are special because of an accident of birth or can sing a decent song and were lucky enough to be spotted by Simon Cowell.

Thrifty sale time, was my popular blog about the sales and saving money. We all need to save a bit of money for the future because the rich seem intent on squeezing us further. They have allies in government now, like back in the dark days of Thatcherism.

Boxing Day blues, was my Boxing Day post for those of you with hangovers, trying make make a curry from your leftover turkey. I was going to reheat my leftover turkey in gravy, then I realised there was no leftover gravy. I found some homemade chicken soup lurking in the fridge. That was good enough! It was nice, I liked it!

Merry Christmas 2012 was one of the blogs that I wrote on Christmas Day morning. I know… I never take a day off… I reflected a little on the year that is coming to an end in that post. I cooked a turkey dinner after I wrote that, then I had visitors in the afternoon.

Naughty or Nice? was my Christmas Eve post for those of you who needed to know what time the supermarkets shut or how long to cook the turkey!

Nearly Christmas was my Sunday ramble or rant depending on your point of view. Through 2012, those Sunday rambles were the most popular posts, some of them were funny though.

So it’s all over, Christmas 2012 has gone never to be experienced again. All we have left now is the credit card bills to pay and the bank statements to check. I have guests tomorrow. I’ll cook some chips in my new Philips air fryer. I’ll review that in the New Year, I need to test it a bit more first. Aldi crinkle-cut frozen chips are a pound a kilo, it does them nice…

I’ll be writing another Sunday ramble in the morning, before I start cooking. Don’t forget you can still read my Christmas story, if you missed it earlier in the week. I’ll do some tips on writing short stories in the New Year. There are more blogs to read on a Zillion Ideas.

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