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We all seem to judge people too quickly. People judge me too quickly. Some people think I’m a communist, because I believe in fairness and opportunities for everyone. Then there are those who think I’m a capitalist, because I play the stock market. I have fairly liberal views really.

I will continue to criticise those who abuse their power and try to con the people. The Bank of England prints 375 billions of pounds to help out the government and the banks, then the government cuts a few billion off benefits saying it can’t afford it. ‘We’re all in this together’, but some more than others. Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. What will you be doing at Midnight? Cameron and Clegg will have their friends and family around them seeing the New Year in, with the finest champagne. I shall drink my Bovril, watch some crap on television and go to sleep. How about you?

I read a blog yesterday by a Conservative writer and it attacked the scroungers, spongers and bad back Bills. It didn’t mention Bob the Banker and his obscene tax free bonus or Pete the politician and his dodgy expenses claim. It didn’t mention the city slickers in Starbucks moving their money to tax havens using their Iphones. It didn’t mention the corporate giants who stick two fingers up at honest people, avoid paying their taxes and make competition impossible in a world of cartels and monopolies. Am I calling people names? Am I using emotive language? Am I exaggerating? That’s how the likes of The Sun newspaper, The Daily Mail and most Fleet Street rags excite and stir up  the rabble.

No one sick, disabled or unemployed in your family? How convenient! Daddy gives you an allowance? How convenient… You went to Eton and Oxford? How bloody convenient…

2013 will be unlucky for some people, because the people are under attack. I don’t mean, just benefit claimants. I mean ordinary people, that includes many who regard themselves as middle class. Doctors, nurses, teachers and others are having their pensions cut and being asked to work longer. Students are being asked to rack up debts and live on baked beans while Cameron and Clegg swill the champagne and stuff down the strawberries.

You didn’t go to Oxford or Cambridge? How inconvenient…

People who go to the Oxbridge universities are a cut above those who go to lesser universities and they are a cut above the rest of the peasants. You see job advertisements on LinkedIn for graduates. Any subject really, as long as you graduated in something and you went to a decent university.

Incidentally, before anyone thinks I’m jealous, I do have a LinkedIn profile! I have been known to help students with their dissertations and stuff too. Elitism is fine, if you’re part of an elite that is really good at something, other than thinking you’re so much better than everyone else. You might have people envy you, but that is a poor substitute for respect. People on benefits can command respect. Politicians in their mansions and chauffeur driven cars, elicit envy.

That’s my ramble (rant) for today. There is more on a zillion ideas


5 responses

  1. Yes, these cuts are affecting everybody, even those still in work. I was with West Midlands Police but took redundancy to care for my son two years ago. My area, Smethwick merged with West Bromwich. There were 36 civilians reduced to 22. Now that has just been reduced to 8. 8 doing the work 36 used to do. And it’s the same for the police themselves. Things will go pear-shaped soon. Notice, none of the Chiefs on high salaries have gone.

    30, December 2012 at 11:47 am

    • Hi Nick,

      That’s Sandwell, merge stuff and build the empires for the people at the top. They want to scrap the hospital and build a Metro hospital with Birmingham now and take over the Job centres. The will have a super city eventually. Can you imagine, Birmingham and the Black Country all ruled from God knows where? I hope they don’t run it all from Oldbury or Birmingham for that matter.

      People will have to travel to Brum just to sign on in the future… If we lumped it all together and made it the biggest city in the world, we could call it Tosserville! Name it after the tossers in charge!

      30, December 2012 at 12:24 pm

  2. There are so many injustices in the world, aren’t there, Mike. It’s so easy to become complacent and settled in our ways. I think that’s half of the problem with the politicians. They are all too complacent – on both sides of the House. Keep up the good work.

    30, December 2012 at 1:55 pm

    • Hi Myfanwy,

      We can at least have our opinions aired in public now. We don’t have to rely on a corrupt press. I’m a little too cynical at times, but we have to ask questions. We also have to put ourselves inthe place of others. It’s easy to say ‘charity begins at home’ until you’re holding the hand of a starving child.

      30, December 2012 at 2:04 pm

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