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Walsall author on the radio

You might remember that I mentioned Martin Webb’s novel last month when he gave away Kindle copies of one of his novels from the Jake West trilogy. You can now hear Martin on the radio talking about writing and publishing his novels. That will be on radio WM tomorrow about 11am. You can listen to that on-line tomorrow.

We have a pecking order in society, people look up to celebrities and celebrate them. They go out and wave their flags when the Olympic flame passes by and turn out for anyone who seems ‘better’ than them. It is very difficult to become successful in a society like this. Many writers and artists struggle to even make a living and self publishing and blogging is one way that writers become known to the public.

Martin’s three books are aimed at the young adult reader and are exciting stories of a magical world and heroes that travel to that world to save it. The stories have been compared to the Harry Potter stories, but given the choice most people buy Harry Potter; it is better known. E-books are quite inexpensive now and you can buy an E-book copy of one of these novels for a couple of pounds. So why not read one?

I wrote a short story for Christmas and published through my website, you can read that quite easily; just click the link. That isn’t a story to get you excited like Martin’s, but it does aim to get an emotional response. All writers hope to get a response from the reader. We hope to excite, inspire, tease, inform, entertain and amuse.

My previous blog was syndicated on the YamYam and I expect this one will be too. We need to support local websites, local authors and lesser known authors. So I hope you’ll take a look at the Kindle editions of Martin’s novels. I have just found out that you can download the first book in the trilogy FREE, but hurry! That one is Jake West – The Keeper of the Stones

There is also a Jake West Facebook page where you can get involved and tell Martin what you think of his book.

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