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Child benefit: who should help whom?


There used to be an old lady living next door to me and one day she asked me to change her light bulb. She wasn’t tall enough and at 6ft 2” tall, I was tall enough. It is reasonable to expect me to help. Now a young family live next door. They have three children. Should I be expected to help them?

This is what the child benefit debate is about, who should be helping who. It is a little unfair to ask single people who are saving to buy a home of their own to help families who have a home and children. We need the better off to help the vulnerable and disadvantaged. We need the pop stars to pay their taxes so the disabled and sick can have care. The rich exploit the poor, it’s just a matter of pay back.

In China they are encouraged to only have one child. That might be seen as extreme for this country, but should we really be encouraging people to have more children with generous benefits? If people had just two children, the population would go down. I know that some Tory tossers will say who will keep us in our old age. The answer to that is simple, we are in the 21st century, not the 19th century; we have technology. We have people scanning bar-codes like they are possessed. In the 19th century, your goods were handed to you over a counter while the assistant added up your bill using mental arithmetic and a bit of paper. We have come a long way since the days of the Victorian work ethic, we have ball point pens now. I even bought a pack of 5 gel pens at Christmas out of Poundland. I can remember when buying a new nib for my fountain pen was a drain on my pocket money.

Remember the 1980’s? I learnt how to program a computer in BASIC. We had the BBC computer and a brave new world where we would all be computer experts. Whatever happened to that dream? Whatever happened to Learndirect? Now the kids walk down the street punching ‘ow r u’ into phones that are smarter than they are.

I wonder if technology could get us out of the triple dip recession? Maybe we could teach different stuff in schools, colleges and universities? Maybe we could teach people how to make the country better, rather than how to think up new acronyms and politically correct ideas? Do we need more science and less sociology?

I live between two metropolitan boroughs, Sandwell and Walsall. Over in Walsall they have Walsall SUE (service users empowerment). In Sandwell, we have Ideal for All. Health is now governed by the Black Country cluster. Visit that website, watch the video! Sorry, I couldn’t watch it all for laughing.

I have changed my blog a little over the past week. I am writing one blog each day instead of two. Then I publish the same post on WordPress and on a Zillion Ideas. I also added a translator to a zillion ideas for readers whose first language isn’t English. I think translators are helpful, but aren’t always very accurate.

That’s all for this Sunday’s ramble. I hope to take photos today if the weather clears up. The subject of my posts will be psychology tomorrow. I have those scheduled so I can work on my Neodigital Art blog for Tuesday!

3 responses

  1. Although I have four kids, I never understood why that entitled me to extra money. It was my choice. Then again, like most, I didn’t refuse it – just didn’t understand why I was getting it.

    6, January 2013 at 5:36 pm

    • Hi Nick,

      I always have mixed feelings about it as one of 7 kids. I think those who can contribute the most should and those who need the most should be helped. I don’t like means testing, universal benefits are better; but have to be done right. Tax credits looked like a good idea but they just subsidise miserable employers who won’t pay a living wage. I talk to Chinese writers and students who see their cousins as their siblings because of the one child per family policy. The next generation won;t have cousins, we need to do something about population expansion now before we get to that stage.

      Thanks for popping in…

      6, January 2013 at 10:08 pm

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