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Thrifty food ideas

At Aldi this week the super-six are spring onions (125g), salad potatoes (750g), celery (350g), cucumber, cherry tomatoes (250g) and little gem lettuce (2). They are all 49p each. That offer ends on Saturday. Today’s Thursday offers include work wear for men and some interesting tools.

The super-six is the same as last week. They have some frozen ‘meals’ like cottage pie  for 89p. The Sunday deals this week include Lacura beauty products. I am told these are good and the source of my info is reliable. I use Lacura shower gel. It comes in a container that is a weird colour, but it’s good shower gel.

You might have seen in the news that Jessops is in administration. They’re not taking online orders, but you might find some bargains in store and the sales could help retain some jobs. The prices seem quite good on a lot of the cameras now.  The manufacturers haven’t helped Jessops with all those cash back offers. Just cut prices; why mess around with cash back? Doing bundle deals is different, I would probably like a bundle that included an extra lens, SD card and a case. Paying £60 extra and then having to claim it online to get a pre-loaded MasterCard, didn’t appeal; quite the opposite.

Matalan still has a sale, that is supposed to end tomorrow. They have scarves, gloves and gilets in the sale and winter is still here. I bought a hat from there and it’s in the sale half price now for £3.00. I saw a similar hat in Boundary Mills the other day for £30; it wasn’t as good quality. I didn’t stay in there long! The leather gloves that I had are £3.00 too. I paid £12!  I need a coat, but I can’t find a decent one anywhere. I will probably get one cheaper in the summer though!

With cuts in benefits, caps on public sector pay, higher energy bills and food prices; we all need to be as thrifty and frugal as we can. That means cutting down on luxuries and putting the things we need before the things that we want. It is a great time for giving up smoking and gambling; cutting down on alcohol and cutting those meals and drinks out. I’ve paid a pound for a Coke a few times in cafes and even more in pubs, when I can get three cans for a pound in Poundland. I have a big food container for taking a packed food with me if I’m going to be out for some time. Take a drink too and fruit. A couple of sandwiches, a banana and a drink will cost you up to a fiver if you buy it while you’re out. Do your own for less than a pound. Use those things that you put in cool bags and cool boxes to keep  your food cold or use a thermos to take a hot drink. You can even take Bovril or soup; that’ll warm you up on a cold day.

It’s getting colder in Britain so take a look at the draught excluders in Poundland too, that will save a few pounds off your heating bills. Put them on internal as well as external doors.

It’s a good idea to start thinking about planting the garden now too. You could be planting spring bulbs for a colourful display or digging a trench and filling it with kitchen waste ready for planting runner beans in spring. There are a lot of banana skins in my compost bin, that compost will be idea for growing tomatoes in spring and summer.

Tomorrow’s blog is about surviving the cuts, so if you think next year is going to be tough, you might like to read that. Thanks for visiting, please subscribe, comment or follow me on Twitter. Please share, if you’ve seen a bargain!


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