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Born to be great?

Are some people born with an attribute that pre-disposes them to be really good at something.  Are some people born to be great? Is it just some people who have a natural talent or do we all have it?  Do the  chess grand masters or the masters of certain martial arts have a natural talent or can anyone become just as good with a lot of effort and dedication?

Someone once said I didn’t learn to write; I was born to write. Some people do seem to have natural communication skills, that can be in writing or they learn languages more easily than other people. Others have physical attributes that make them good at sports. If someone is physically strong, that might be helpful when they train to become good at a particular sport. They might find it much easier than someone who is not naturally as strong. It does seem that a natural ability makes it easier to learn, easier to train or easier to attain greatness or become really good at the chosen pursuit.

We tend to enjoy what we’re good at, so is that an indication of what we are meant to do in life. Is the person who enjoys going out dancing every night, born to be a dancer?  This does seem to be an indication of what we might enjoy spending our lives doing. The person with empathy for other people might be good in a caring profession and become a great doctor, nurse or carer. The person with great coordination might be good at sports or make a great racing driver.

The strengths that people have, can combine to make us good at something. Someone who has good communication skills and enjoys driving, because they have the coordination for it, might make a great writer who writes about driving or a Formula One commentator.

What do you enjoy doing and are you good at it? That could be an indication of what you were born to to. What you’re meant to do in life? Can we tailor our natural abilities to a vocation? There are many caring professions and jobs. Can we choose one that matches our culture and education and get just as much satisfaction from being a child minder as a doctor gets from practising medicine? Should there be more opportunities for people to do what they have a natural inclination towards. The guy who makes models from matchsticks in his spare time could perhaps be encouraged. Should his models go on display in art galleries and be viewed as important when so much skill and talent has gone into them? Why don’t they go on display in art galleries?

Should more research be done into natural talent so that schools, colleges and universities can identify it and encourage it? Could encouraging people with natural talents, give us more great scientists, doctors, artists and musicians?

What do you think? What are you good at? What do you enjoy? Please use the comments box to share your thoughts…

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    14, January 2013 at 10:36 am

  2. Hmm. A lot to think about here, Mike. I think it is possible to enjoy something enough to make a living from it. In fact, I do, but it came about by accident and not design. As for ‘caring’ and ‘child minding’ I have seen people on the receiving end of both. While some people may be ‘called’ to do these jobs I think the majority of carers employed by local councils, and child minders, do so out of convenience rather than any sense of calling. I think the term ‘carer’ is misused because the majority rarely offer anything that involves real ‘care’. I think the term is an insult to the user of the facility. One day I’ll write a full blog post about my mother’s ‘carers’, thankfully she is now safe and well cared for….. sadly she is not the only one, by far, to have been let down by the system which, frankly, doesn’t care, and this system has been going far longer than the current government…… Hope it provokes more responses for you.

    14, January 2013 at 10:51 am

    • Hi Myfanwy,

      I know. I had carers after my surgery. Some were great, but others weren’t. It’s the same with doctors and nurses. I think there is a culture in some hospitals and local authorities, they want political correct robots, not people who really care. I think there is natural talent that should be encouraged though.

      I have to edit this post, I spotted some mistakes. We have snow and my heating has been condemned! 😦

      14, January 2013 at 10:58 am

      • Sorry about your heating. We had two winters with none – they couldn’t find the fault and they were the two coldest we have had for some time. Finally gave up and had a new one. Thankfully we are warm today. Yes, we have snow too, not a lot and I shouldn’t complain, but I will…. 😉

        Hope it gets sorted soon and that you can stay warm

        14, January 2013 at 11:11 am

  3. I’ll be OK. I have gas fires and a hall heater. People told me to have those taken out when the central heating was installed. Always good to have a back up! It’s a little cold upstairs though. I was in bed last night,electric blanket on and trying to help a student with her dissertation. MSN wouldn’t work so we had to use chat on Facebook. 12:30 before it was finished!

    14, January 2013 at 11:16 am

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