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Neodigital Art | Winter blue skies

Lake and river 032

I took this photo yesterday and I had bright sunshine and a blue sky. The blue sky is reflected in the water and gives it a bright blue colour too.

Lake and river 012

Sometimes you just have to take the shot  and hope for the best. Someone was feeding the geese and ducks and started a feeding frenzy. It gives the shot a little movement, but it’s blurred in places.

Lake and river 034

Shots towards the sun, often look good at the time, but rarely work. I think this works, if you ignore the sky! The path shows up because it was still covered in snow.

FOOD 2013 061

This is farther down river in Sandwell Valley. I included the fence in the shot to give it depth, I think it works well. Notice the difference in the colours. This was taken on Sunday when the sun wasn’t so bright.

SNOW 2013 003

I got out a nice warm bed to take this one out of the window. I used the night setting and turned off the illuminator thingy (or it would have reflected on the window). I also turned off all the lights and shot it out of the window. The speed was very slow and so keeping the camera still was important. You can see the wheelie bins are out ready for early collection on Monday morning!

You can look for unusual shots try night photography and go exploring in different places. I went to the top of an aqueduct on Sunday. I might use that photo next week…


5 responses

  1. Hi Mike, Wow, you certainly have a lot of contrast in the different pictures here. The soft, warm glow of the night image contrasts with the crisp, cold view of the lake. Did you edit these images at all? The colors of the top image seem so bright while the bottom image seems almost monochromatic. I also love the way the sunlight reflects off of the canal.

    The bottom photo is a picture of the house you use in your Merry Christmas photo, right? If you hadn’t mentioned the trash bins, I wouldn’t have noticed them!

    16, January 2013 at 10:55 pm

    • Hi Carolyn,

      The differences in these pictures is mostly the light and they were all edited. The first pictures look warm because the sun was out and gave the pictures a warm glow. There was some sun when I took the picture of the river, but the soil there is not as fertile as in the third picture where the grass looks quite green for winter. That’s actually the river but it flows very slow until it gets to that little weir thing and then it goes faster.The council cut the grass there and leave it to rot down so it remains very fertile. People walk their dogs there too!

      That last picture is the same place as the one for the Christmas picture, out of my landing window. Too cold to go out there! The angle and shooting from quite high up make sit interesting. The picture was quite dark and so I added contrast and made it a lot lighter. The yellow lamp makes it look warmer and in the background the white light makes it look cold. My neighbour brought his truck home with him for some reason that night! Maybe ready for an early start on Monday morning! I think the picture with the birds was disappointing, it looked quite spectacular when I took it! There were hundreds of them all fighting for food.

      17, January 2013 at 8:58 am

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