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Blue Monday


It is the third Monday in January and so called ‘Blue Monday’; the most depressing day of the year. The bills are coming in, we are using a small fortune in gas and electricity to keep warm and the weather is awful. Can it get worse? Probably not… Many of us are suffering from the usual winter bugs too.

What can we do? If you have a cold, flu or even norovirus you can try not to spread it to other people. Wash your hands often, especially after contact with others that might be infected. You can also try to eat well and often. Try to eat vitamin rich foods and drink some fruit juice.

Our perception of the future and thinking about the worries of today can make us feel really down and depressed. There is a reason for depression. We have a natural  tendency to want to sleep, hibernate even and wait for Spring. There is only 59 days to go in the UK to Spring. It makes sense to just sleep in a cave and wait for the longer days and warmer weather. We have evolved past the hibernate in winter stage of evolution however and will just have to face up to winter and all negativity and try to be positive. Recognising what we need as opposed to what we want will help us survive the rest of winter. We do need a roof over our heads, warm drinks, food to eat and a warm bed to sleep in. We do need some security, especially financial security and so it’s a good time to pay off those debts that piled up at Christmas.

Drinking alcohol isn’t really good in winter, it will make us feel warmer for a short time, but can lead to hypothermia. It also depresses the central nervous system and makes us feel more depressed.

We do need something to look forward to, our perception of the future is very important. This is why people make New Year resolutions and set goals for the future. It’s not too late to set goals and decide to make life better in 2013 and beyond. People are more important than things, relationships are important; friends are important. We can lose sight of what is important sometimes in our quest for material gains. Winter can be a time to stop, reflect and recognise what or who is important to us. Do you want to meet people and make more friends in 2013? I joined Meetup recently, maybe one of the groups could be the answer for you to meet new people and make new friends?

If you feel really depressed and life is a struggle then seeing your doctor might help. We all need to seek help sometimes. We are social animals, we tend to do well collectively. You might feel like you have no future, winter can make us feel like that. Seasonally Affective Disorder (SAD) is quite common and is thought to be caused by a lack of natural sunlight.

Me? I have a sense of humour and although I don’t feel great; I’ll survive the snow, winter and whatever life throws at me. I’ll photograph the snow, keep writing and look forward to Spring. The past can help us guess what the future might bring, but sometimes life pleasantly surprises us; especially if we go out looking for new adventures.

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