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Thrifty Thursday–more winter savings

The super-six at Aldi this week are; parsnips (500g), avocado, new potatoes (750g), button mushrooms (150g), red onions (1kg) and butternut squash. They are all 49p each. The same as last week. I think I’ll have more parsnips and cook a warming winter stew. I’ve been clearing snow, I need warming food

Today’s special buys include lots of sauces and ingredients for Chinese cooking. The Sunday special buys include LED light bulbs, I’ll take a look at those. I’m a coeliac and so I can’t have the Heinz treacle pudding, but that is worth having this weather!  There are ready made meals on offer too and mouthwash on the same page…

They have some new sweaters in Matalan, I like the army style patch shoulder ones.  I didn’t think their offers were very good, but it depends what you want, so it’s worth having a look. They have gilets at Matalan and they seem fashionable again. When it’s this cold, people tend to wear anything! Wear a top with a scarf, gilet and gloves and you look quite fashionable. Long scarfs are in fashion too. Matalan has lots of scarfs from a fiver.  Hand knitted scarfs are more fashionable…

They have knitting yarn at Lidl and a few other special offers, if you fancy knitting your own scarf or getting into crafts. They have a sewing machine, the same as Aldi; that could save you money.

It’s Chinese New Year on the 10th of February or Spring Festival, as many Chinese people call it. They have Chinese foods on special offer at Aldi, but they have some at Asda too.  If you’re cooking stir fry, try the turkey mince from Aldi for 1.75; it low fat and so tastes nice. 

We have snow where I am and so I’ve been making use of my snow shovel that I had from Aldi last year. They are half price (£5) in Asda, but were running out in my local Asda. I’ve also used the de-icer and scraper I bought in Poundland. The gloves from Matalan for £12 have come in useful too! There are some gloves and scarfs on special offer at Matalan.

The snow in the UK might cause some people’s heating bills to double. The smart people have snow on their roofs because they insulated their lofts. You not only save on your heating bill, but have a warmer home. If you can’t afford to keep your home warm, go to the library, loiter when you’re in the supermarket; every little helps. Remember to at least turn your heating down before you go out and try to stay out for the day. You can always put draught proofing on your internal doors and stop heat escaping to other rooms, then keep one room nice and warm and stay in there. My heating is on a timer and goes off early. I don’t mind lying in bed; eating, watching TV and drinking my hot Bovril…

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