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From psychology to nostalgia


Today’s picture is of Moorcroft Wood. It’s an interesting place to walk around. In the middle of the wood is a pool where people go fishing. The canal borders the woodland on two sides as well. The pool  filled up with water when the snow melted and so you can take quite interesting photographs. 

It was also my birthday this week and so I did a special blog.

My birthday blog – I wish… was yesterday’s post. It wasn’t as popular as I thought it would be, but at least the people who did read it, liked it. It was a little nostalgic.

UK lottery result for 30th January 2013 was something different. I embedded a YouTube video of the lottery result. It worked fine on my WordPress blog, but not on a zillion ideas and so I deleted that blog. If you missed Wednesday’s results, you can click that link and it will work.

Thrifty Thursday – saving even more money was my usual thrifty blog looking for bargains.

Imagination and creativity was Wednesday’s post and 8 bloggers clicked ‘like’ on that. Well we bloggers have to be imaginative and creative. I read a lot and I have noticed a lack of imagination in writers that have recently finished their education. They write like they are doing a university paper. Their articles are well written, have good grammar and so on, but they are as boring as watching paint dry. Many CV’s are the same, very unimaginative….

Neodigital Art | Ice and snow was Tuesday’s art blog. I know I posted one of them on Monday! I clicked the wrong button, it should have been schedule not publish…  The snow looked pretty and it was perhaps worth me going out in the freezing cold to take those pictures. Artistic? You can be the judge. Would you like one of those on the wall of your living room or on display in your local art gallery?

Social structure and the pecking order was Monday’s psychology post. I thought that was a good post and so did the few people that read it. I researched that over the weekend and it is disappointing when I don’t many readers. If you read something you like, please share it on Facebook or Twitter.

54 days to Spring was Sunday’s mildly amusing Sunday ramble. I’ll be writing one of those again tomorrow. There is 47 days to Spring now, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun! I think I got the title of that post wrong, on Sunday there was 53 days to Spring!

It’s not easy writing these blogs and it does take creativity and imagination. Woodland walks help! Most writers only write perhaps one article a week. I think I would be better with an editor, it’s hard to see my own typos and mistakes. I think writing a lot does improve your writing. Some writers think they don’t need to improve, they are professional. I have read the works of great writers and professional writers. You have to keep improving if you want to become a great writer. Even then most people aren’t recognised until after they’re dead, which is a bit of a shame. The great writers also had to be brave and write all sorts of things in their quest to be great. Professional writers tend to play it safe. Dickens, wrote short stories, wrote and edited a newspaper and wrote novels. Who hasn’t heard of Oliver Twist or Ebenezer Scrooge?

A Sunday ramble tomorrow. What can I write about? I don’t think I’ll play it safe…


2 responses

  1. Picasso said something like ‘Inspiration comes, but it has to find you working’. I write my blog(s) as a working so that I’m inspired to do something else, and it works! Keep writing, Mike. I can’t promise to read every day, sometimes the hours just disappear, but I’ll read when I can.

    2, February 2013 at 3:37 pm

    • Hi Myfanwy,

      I do get a little annoyed when writers are paid a small fortune and write absolute rubbish! We can’t write something brilliant every time, but some never write anything good. They get away with it because they are part of a clique sometimes. I think having a famous name works for some. At least the people who read my stuff appreciate it! 🙂

      Thanks for the encouraging words.

      2, February 2013 at 7:39 pm

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