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Back door politics and nightmares


Do you remember when Rupert Murdock was in the news? He apparently visited Downing Street and influenced Prime Ministers; dropping in through the back door of Number 10. One resident you might remember was one Margaret Thatcher until she was stabbed in the back by her own party. Lance Armstrong thought he could do what he wanted, because he was at the top of his profession too. Jimmy Savile was too famous to fail as well. How the mighty have fallen!

Who will be next to be knocked off their perch? Stabbed in the back by their own friends? I think David Cameron stands a good chance, with his stand on gay marriage. George Osborne is doomed because of the austerity and benefit cuts. They think they can do what they like don’t they? The government is in debt and the country is broke, but they can afford to build HS2. Why do they want a new bloody train set anyway? It makes no sense. I suspect that some civil engineers and construction firms are behind this. I wonder if they sneak in through the back door of number 10 too?

Why do people get married anyway? I thought it had something to do with sex and having children. Should we be encouraging people to have more sex and children? It seems many Tories want more tax breaks for married people. Why? It makes no sense. Changing the law and allowing gay marriage makes no bloody sense, but at least it shouldn’t cost anything. It might even make a few quid. I think people have to have a blood test in America before they can get married. Is that to check to see if you have any exotic diseases that are contagious when exchanging bodily fluids? I don’t think we take contagious diseases seriously enough.

This is all sounding a bit sordid for a Sunday morning. On a lighter note, winter lasts about 90 days and there is now 46 days to the Spring equinox. So we are roughly half way though. The glass is half full, not half empty. We still have pancake day and St Valentine’s Day to go.They happen to be in the same week this year. I think the government should give tax breaks to people who run in pancake races on Shrove Tuesday. It makes more sense than encouraging people to get married and increase the population. The country is broke, but we can afford more nurseries, schools, child care, high school and universities. Should we encourage people to have less children before the time comes when we have to restrict people to having one child and punish them if they have more than one. Can’t happen? Tell that to the Chinese…

I think we should be making robots, not children. I’ve never tried one of those checkouts in the supermarket where you do it all yourself with the aid of a machine. How hard can it be? I suspect that all the checkouts will be like that one day and robots will go around the store restocking shelves as stocks go down. Maybe one day we will all have our groceries delivered by robots?

I don’t like talking on a webcam either. I use text and chat to people on the other side of the world, but webcams are horrible. You go out somewhere, even if it’s only the supermarket and you try to look presentable. But you are sitting at home, hair all over the place, wearing a scruffy sweater that is warm and comfy and someone wants to chat on webcam. It is made worse by the fact webcams are crap and make you look even worse with their dodgy definition. I suppose it’s the future though. One day you’ll make a phone call and you’ll be displayed on the screen of someone’s forty inch smart television. Their whole family will all shout, “You’re looking well” as you smile and try to look happy for the camera. It’s the stuff of nightmares…

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  1. I know longer see the point in marriage. Then again, I see no point in religion which is the basis for marriage. I guess if folk want to, why not.

    3, February 2013 at 5:54 pm

    • Hi NIck,

      If they are willing to pay the marriage licence. Why not? I think commitment is probably important for couples having children, but otherwise it doesn’t make much sense. You have a licence to show competence when you have one for driving. Maybe there should be a marriage test that they have to pass before they get a full licence and can have kids! 🙂

      3, February 2013 at 7:40 pm

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