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Neodigital Art | Changing winter scenes

The Milky Pool 001

I took this photo this afternoon. What do you think? These are the first ones of February. How do you think they would compare to January? It was just as cold, a biting wind today. This is the Milky Pool, that I have photographed before.


Those reeds on the other side of the pool look quite dark in this picture because they are wet, but get lighter as they dry out. I think the snow makes a difference too!

The Milky Pool 003

The guard rail in this picture adds depth.  I tried to make it more artistic by adding a little ‘warmth’. It brings out the reds and oranges better.

The Milky Pool 011

This one is shot across the pool and you can see the reeds have dried out on that side now and are almost white, reflecting lots of light. The woodland there has lots of different colours now.

The Milky Pool 016

As I was about to leave the swans decided to behave and come into the foreground of this shot. They probably thought I was going to feed them! There is little else to give the shot depth, but I think the swans do it.

These shots will be even better with better colours when the reeds dry out even more and we have better light in the Spring. There is 45 days to go now to the beginning of Spring, but the Summer solstice will probably give the best pictures, because that will be the longest day.  The sun was bright at times today but quite low in the sky. Around the time of the summer solstice it should be high in the sky early in the afternoon giving far more light. It might be too bright, and there will be fewer shadows so I’ll keep recording the changes from now until the summer.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comment box. I think Constable, Turner and Gainsborough would have liked that last picture!


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