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Thrifty ideas for Valentines Day

The super-six at Aldi this week are; savoy cabbage, mild onions (3), beetroot (500g), lemons (3), carrots (1Kg) and broccoli (350g). They are all 39p each. That’s the same as last week. I had the broccoli last week; packed with vitamin C. I like the turkey mince and that was reduced from £1.75 to £1.25, so I have a few packs of that in my freezer now.  That’s quite versatile, you can make cottage pies with it or even do stir fry.

Today’s special buys at Aldi look good and are worth checking out. Getting you five a day is getting expensive and so why not grow your own fruit. I saw on one website yesterday that they were selling fruit tree seeds at Aldi! No they don’t grow from seed. They are actually selling trees that are 2 years old and established and there are 13 varieties to choose from at 3.99. Also on offer today are lots of things for your car including a kit to remove scratches 6.99. They have a jump starter with compressor. I have one of those, the compressor isn’t very good. It did manage to start my car in an emergency once, but the battery was flat when I tried to use it a couple of weeks ago. They take a few days to charge and need to be kept charged in case of emergencies.

Sunday’s special buys at Aldi are mostly tools, they have a hammer drill and a cordless screwdriver on offer.

Next week they have special buys on Monday in time for Valentines day. Those include a single red rose for £3.00 or a dozen luxury red roses for £15.00.  The cheaper red roses (1 dozen) for a fiver look good enough.

It’s pancake day on Tuesday and so make sure you have all the ingredients to make those. Those lemons in the super six might be worth having…

There are also red roses at Lidl, a single rose is only £2. I can’t get too excited about the rest of their offers, but they do have USB chargers for £3.99; those are mains and for the car. I had some good rechargeable AA batteries from Lidl and so I might pop in there and see if they have any more.

Asda have flowers for Valentines day too. Not quite so thrifty in Asda though. £9.49 for a single red rose

Tesco appear to have the biggest selection of Valentines day roses… 100 red roses will cost you £499.99. I would want a free lucky horse shoe thrown in if I bought those…

Smile with tongue out

One idea that I came across was to plant a rose bush together on Valentine’s Day, that could be a good idea. I think even planting a fruit tree from Aldi could be a good idea, you can look back at the day for years to come when you look at the tree. I have apple trees in my garden that are nearly as old as me; that’s old!

My thrifty idea for Valentines day last year was a glass container filled with chocolates. You can pick up really nice glass containers at car boot sales. Soak it in a weak bleach solution to get it clean and sterile and then fill it with chocolate and wrap it in a nice wrapper tied with a pink ribbon. Your boyfriend will love it!

Please share your thoughts on Valentines Day gifts in the comments box. I want a winning lottery ticket! 

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