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Saturday Ideas for living


Today’s picture is of Moorcroft Pool in Moorcroft Wood nature reserve. The reserve is looked after by the council who have to make cuts and so they are cutting back on maintenance in parks and nature reserves. People are complaining about this, but are these facilities that important we should rate them higher than child welfare for example.

They are important and we do need places to walk and for me to take photos. We don’t need fancy skate board things building or adventure playgrounds.  Adults like expensive toys, kids will play with the cardboard box…

Finance Friday | Devaluing people was a look at these outsourcing companies that are taking over public services. Do we really want private companies taking care of our old people and bringing in cheap labour from overseas to do it?

Thrifty ideas for Valentines Day was Thursday’s thrifty blog. I cooked stir fried turkey the other night, with that turkey mince I bought last week.  The Asia Specialities  oyster and spring onion sauce was really nice. The whole Chinese meal cost less than a quid, so that was frugal cooking!

Top 5 ideas to celebrate Valentines Day this year was Wednesday’s post by Angelina Lawson. Unless of course you have a better idea?

Neodigital Art | Changing winter scenes was Tuesday’s art blog. I was really pleased with some of those pictures. I think I’ll add those to my collection that I’m putting together for an exhibition!

Psychology | Manipulation was Monday’s psychology post. We can all be manipulated by bullies when we’re feeling vulnerable. People with psychopathic tendencies are found in all walks of life, even hospitals and so we have to have safeguards against such bullying behaviour.

Back door politics and nightmares was Sunday’s ramble. I like doing my Sunday post, because I can ramble on about anything I like. I shall probably mention education and lasagne tomorrow. I tried lasagne a long time ago, it gave me the trots…

What did you think of these week’s posts? Please share you thoughts in the comments box…

Just 40 days and 40 nights now and it will be Spring!

Smile with tongue out

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