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39 days and 39 nights

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Yes, there are 39 days and 39 nights to go before Spring arrives. I wonder if I should have written this post yesterday? Nay, I always write these on a Sunday. That reminds me of the news this week, which was about horse meat; yet again. I think it’s time the authorities got the bit between their teeth and reined in this problem before the whole nation gets the galloping trots…

Ok, enough of the horse meat jokes. It did cheer us up a bit though. Education was in the news again too. Michael Gove shelves his plans to introduce the Baccalaureate into schools. I bloody knew I would spell that wrong. I was close though and I do have a spell checker. I bet I did better at spelling it than Michael Gove, I doubt if he can even spell Michael.

“Head teachers and teachers need more respect – let’s start the new academic year with respect for heads and their staff.”

I hate to tell you this Michael, but respect must be earned.

Smile with tongue out

The Bank of England’s new governor arrived in England from Canada and was grilled by MP’s. He comes across as more dovish than his reputation suggests. They are paying him a hell of a lot of money. If he just draws his salary that should empty the vaults at the Bank of England. Never mind, printing new money has never been easier, it’s just bits in a computer now. I’m sure he will get the bit between his teeth and sort the economy out in no time at all…

Smile with tongue out

David Cameron and Angela Merkel had to take naps at that EU summit, in separate rooms of course… They managed to keep the new EU budget below a trillion Euros. Unfortunately, Shergar is still missing… The French will still do well out of the agricultural budget, they only get saddled with a slight cut in subsidies. There were calls for meat exports from France to the UK to be suspended, but that would contravene EU law. It’s a shame really, if we could ban imports of horse meat, then maybe we could look at banning German beer too? I think that should be tested for horse DNA too, it tastes and looks like animal urine…

Smile with tongue out

“#Findus is still very popular with consumers according to the latest gallup poll”

That was one of the better Tweets this week…

Smile with tongue out

“Richard III “fit for work” – ATOS”

That was one of the  most believable tweets this week…

Smile with tongue out

He was found under a social services car park. Having been under the care of social services for that long, he probably needs counselling now.  We had better bring in a private consultant.

Smile with tongue out

You might have missed the news about the police using the identities of dead children for their undercover officers. The parents of those children are understandably upset. Some of those officers while undercover had relationships with women and they too are upset. This is another national scandal waiting to explode. It makes you wonder why they couldn’t just invent identities, rather than use real ones. The powers that be, have never been very inventive though. Have they? Except when it comes to claiming expenses…

Smile with tongue out

I would like to say hello to a lot of new subscribers to my blog in Poland. I have no idea why they like my articles, but maybe someone will comment and let me know. I’m looking forward to Spring; only 39 days to go…


5 responses

  1. Maybe Shergar was kidnapped by Findus?

    10, February 2013 at 11:16 am

    • Hi Myfanwy,

      I think they would have to check the DNA of the lasagne and see if it matched with Shergar or a beefburger! 🙂

      10, February 2013 at 1:58 pm

  2. I love the Atos comment. As for the undercover cops, surely it isn;t that difficult to create a fake ID; why use dead kids?

    10, February 2013 at 12:03 pm

    • Hi Nick,

      I think that will be the tip of the iceberg. I heard years ago of the security services doing the same sort of thing. I seem to remember in that case it was dead teenagers who had some sort of educational record.

      I would have thought that they could have faked all that quite easily.

      I remember John Stonehouse the MP doing something similar too when he disappeared.

      Thanks for popping in…

      10, February 2013 at 2:01 pm

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