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Neodigital Art | Editing snow photos

The Manor House

We have more snow, here in England and so I thought I would cover editing snow pictures a little more. I edited this this one with PhotoScape and used the option to make it look like a pencil drawing and added some text.


This is the original picture. There is a drive way up to the Manor House and I tried to get as far over to the right as I could so those posts going away from us would give the picture depth and include lots of snow.  I wanted the bottom of the picture white for some writing. It would make a good Christmas card!


Just adding highlights and some contrast, improves the picture a lot. You can do that easily in Windows Live photo gallery.


Then you can crop the part of the picture that you want to keep. I cropped this one so the Manor House was a lot closer, but I lost some depth because there are less posts in the picture.

You learn to see much more when you’ve been taking photographs of landscapes for a while. The changes in the landscapes with the seasons and even different kinds of snow! In these pictures the snow was sticking to the branches of the trees but when there is another snow fall it seems to stick more. At the time of writing there is at least an inch of snow on the tops of the branches that I can see through the window.

Finding relatively undisturbed snow to photograph can be a problem. The first snowfall is easiest to photograph out of the window. Driving on the stuff can be difficult and so travelling to interesting places like the Manor House, isn’t always easy. I’ve written about Moorcroft Pool losing it’s water before, but when I went a couple of weeks ago it was much better because the snow had melted and filled it more. You have to walk a few hundred yards through the woodland to get to the pool and so access after last night’s snow could be tricky today. I doubt if the gritters have done the roads to there either.

If you have snow why not try taking some cool pictures of it? Then edit to improve the picture and try to make them a little artistic. Please share your thoughts on photographing snow in the comments box.


5 responses

  1. Hi Mike, Wow! These pictures are stunning and I love how you walked us through the process of editing. This is visually beautiful and intellectually interesting.

    Good point about the difficulty in getting snow pictures. Traveling can be treacherous but you have to get out there early if you want to photograph undisturbed snow.

    My favorite picture this week is the top one. I’ve already pinned it!

    Snow is in the forecast tonight. I should be able to use your tips tomorrow!

    13, February 2013 at 11:51 am

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I don’t know why your comment ended up in spam, I’m glad I checked it. It is snowing again here. The snow melted in Moorcroft Wood and filled Moorcroft Pool (the Sanna) with water so that was looking better. I think the road to Moorcroft is probably clear, but not sure about walking through the woods to the pool. It would make a great picture when the snow is undisturbed though. That isn’t a likely choice. I might be able to take some pictures tomorrow and although the snow will probably be melting, there should be some relatively undisturbed in the woodland.

      That first picture was changed to a watercolor pencil drawing. There are other options on Photoscape but that one works best. They are under pictorialization. That program is easy to use compared to PhotoShop and has lots of options. Adding text is useful for birthday and Christmas greetings or even doing book covers.

      Thanks for sharing on Pinterest and taking time to comment.

      13, February 2013 at 12:40 pm

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