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Thrifty Valentines day 2013

The Aldi Super-six this week are garlic (3), cucumber,  mango, pineapple, kiwi fruit (8) and chestnut mushrooms (250g). They are all 59p each. The Thursday special buys are worth looking at and include lots of gardening  items like seed potatoes and a little greenhouse. They also have art supplies, like an art set for £3.99.

The Sunday special buys include appliance bulbs for £1.79 (2). I need a bulb for my fridge. There is a good selection of British chicken as usual. You can’t beat chicken, you know what you’re getting! You don’t want to get saddled with anything untoward do you?

If you must have beef at least go for 100% British beef.  It look expensive to me, but it’s labelled in ounces so it’s hard to compare to meat labelled in kilos.

Among the price cuts is orange juice for 75p a litre. We al need some extra vitamin C this weather.  If you forgot it’s Valentine’s day, watch out for single red roses for £3.00. Take one of those home and you might be allowed a beer with your dinner. Take some beer too, just to be on the safe side…  They have Banks’s in my local Aldi for 99p for a 500ml bottle.

They have some special offers at Lidl too. I was going to pop in there and look for rechargeable AA batteries. The 2L bottles of dry cider are a good price at £1.69. I have tested that brand!

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gifts without spending a fortune, try Matalan. They have everything from sexy knickers to frying pans.

I don’t like cash-back schemes or points but I do collect Mutual points. They often send me a link and I get 5 points for clicking the link. You have to collect 3000 points to claim £20. So 5 points is worth just over 3p and they soon mount up. I claimed £100 last time I cashed mine in, but they probably aren’t quite so generous now. It is still worth looking at, when you are making a big purchase, it can be worth buying through Mutual Points and getting the points.

When you looking for bargains and offers try to think like the retailer. They will put their best deals on their leaflets and prominently on the websites. A new Asian supermarket has opened near my home and they have bargains, because they’re new and want to get customers in for the first time. Asian supermarkets tend to have foods in bulk, 25Kg bags of potatoes, large bags of rice and onions. They not only serve the Asian community, but often other ethnic groups looking for ethnic foods and they supply local restaurants and takeaways.

You can also pick up bargains, just before supermarkets close. Many supermarkets are 24 hours now and only close once a week and so put a lot of goods on special offer on the day they close. If something has a short use by date, it will be reduced; but the short date doesn’t matter if you’re going to freeze it. I had 4 packs of turkey mince from Aldi last week for £5.00, that’s usually £7.00 and I put them in the freezer as soon as I got home. I stir fried some with oyster and green onion sauce, it was yummy!

Please share your thoughts about bargain hunting in the comments box. Happy Valentine’s Day…


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