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The Saturday collection of this week’s highlights

The bridge across to Moorcroft Wood

Today’s picture is of the bridge across the canal that goes to Moorcroft Wood. Many canals run in a straight line, but this one meanders around a little. You can walk along the canal from the waterfront outside Walsall Art gallery, through Pleck to Darlaston and past George Rose park to Moxley and eventually end up here. It’s fascinating to see how the canals run through the Black Country.

I posted a few articles this week as usual. On Friday I looked at cooking frugally.

Frugal food ideas was Friday’s post with lots of ideas for saving on cooking meals. You can also do cheap sandwiches!

Thrifty Valentine’s Day 2013 was Thursday’s thrifty post, saving you money with all sorts of bargain hunting ideas. The cheapest single red roses this year were Aldi at £3 and Lidl at just £2. Cheap at half the price!

Inspired creativity was Wednesday’s inspired post. If you are a writer, artist or try to be creative in some way and find you’re not inspired; then you might find that post interesting and inspiring.

Neodigital Art | Editing snow pictures was Wednesday’s neodigital post and that was inspired too. The snow has more or less gone now and I can see blue sky, at the time of writing.

Psychology | Valentines Day was about the psychology of these celebrations throughout the year, when we have the chance to give our loved ones little gifts.

39 days and 39 nights was Sunday’s humorous ramble. I know the title was a little strange, but I am trying to come up with an original title every day. That isn’t easy!

I’ve been trying out Spotify this week. I’ve mostly been listening to a album I have anyway, but I have it as an album wrap and I prefer to listen to single tracks. I’ve been listening to Good Bait by Nina Simone, but it only allows me to listen to it a limited number of times. That’s a shame.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another Sunday ramble, in a week when we have seen more horse meat revelations. I’ll try to resist the temptation to do more horse meat jokes. Please comment and share your thoughts on this week’s posts.


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