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Neodigital Art | More editing

Photoscape edit

I did this edit with PhotoScape. I took this photo on Sunday and I think the tree gives it some depth. The guard rail adds to the depth too. I tried to get some texture to the water when did the edit.

This is the original photo:


This photo looks a little dull, but it is winter. The sun was quite bright and it was took at midday and so that’s about as good as it gets at this time of year.

1 The Milky

This edit is lighter and I have added some text. It is a photo of the Milky Pool. You can also crop your photo to portrait so it’s the right shape for a book cover and add text to make a book cover for eBooks.


I haven’t added much text to this, but you can get the general idea of how you could do a book cover. You need contrasts. I have contrasted a quite dark picture with yellow and amber text. I think the electricity pylons and the shadows make the scene look quite spooky and suitable for a murder mystery.

PhotoScape is freeware and so it’s worth trying to see what you can do with your photos. Please comment and share your thoughts.


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