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How to write a memoire


A guest post by Fairy Dharawat

Mémoire writing always fascinates me. Reading your memoire is like a time capsule – a peek in to your past at a particular time. It is interesting to write about a part of your life which gives you a glimpse of how you have grown. There are many sites that talk about how you can write a memoire and here I give a brief on memoire writing and what it means to write the story of a small part of your life. Let’s talk of memoire writing and how fun and important it can be.

What is memoire writing?

Memoire writing is writing a part of your life with details; like a first day of college and what kind of adventure you had. Did you do something which was completely out of the ordinary or experience something new? All the minute details you write of a one particular situation means a memoire. Simply put, memoire is writing down your memories. Memoire comes from the word memory itself. So it is a part of writing a memory for future reference, or to refresh good old memories. Memoire has its resemblance with autobiography, but it is different in terms of structure and flexibility (memoire writing is more focused and flexible than autobiography. Source: Wikipedia).

Why you should think of writing a memoire?

Well we all have good and bad memories. Some memories we wish to eradicate and some we wish to relive them again and again. So if you think that you have a memory which you want to keep close to you for a long time; you should write a memoire.

Funny things happen to everyone. Only people don’t have a sense of humour at the time. If you have a sense of humour, you should definitely write a memoire because it helps with details. Reading it again refreshes not only a part of your memories, but also remind you of details which you may forget.

If you had an embarrassing moment then it could be tough to write a memoire, because when you write something, you live through that moment. It is like you are living it again. So that day when you decided to bake a cake and messed up the whole kitchen and in the end the cake turned out to be inedible. That memory could be a good reminder of what not to do. When you have time it can be a good read. As the time passes, you could find some humour in it.

Writing is therapeutic. It can help in overcoming a loss. So sad memories which are troubling you could be passed on to the paper, and bring some much needed closure.

As I said, writing can be painful and to write sad memories, is reliving that moment through each word; memoire writing can be hard. But the process could provide the much needed closure.

How much to write in a memoire?

There is no specific limit to write a memoire. There is flexibility when you write a memoire and that is a huge advantage. You jot down a particular event and what were your views on that event. It is as simple as that.

When is the good time to write a memoire?

No time is good enough or bad enough to write a memoire. Every day something happens that has a potential to become a memory good enough to cherish one more time. The day when that cab gave you the ride when every one else was still looking out for their cabs, to that little pat on your shoulder from someone you look up to.

So there is not a time when one should write. You can start writing now, whether you are young or old, there is no restriction to when or why you can start writing a mémoire.

When you write when the memory is fresh, it definitely helps with the details. You are bound to state facts precisely and the writing will be crisper with actual facts to fall back on. Everything is fresh so you have the advantage of capturing the minute details, which is important.

You can also write about something which happened long ago, but you still remember it. Though you may not be clear with the details, your writing on that particular event makes it important enough. This gives layers to your writing which again makes for an interesting read. Your thoughts which have evolved as times passed will reflect in your writing making your write up introspective.

Writing memoire can be personal as one can see how one has grown and evolved over the years. It can also be shared with friends and families. If written every single day, you can write 365 pages of memoire each year. When you read your own memoire you feel so good, that I cannot share in words. The expression is beyond feeling positive. This is why I would suggest every one to write a memoire. It makes your life so interesting when you read your memoire. So when are you going to start writing your memoire?


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