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Neodigital Art | Artistic editing


I can’t remember when I took this photo. I think it was the summer of 2011. I do remember having to take it through chain-link fencing. I have edited it again using PhotoScape using a watercolour option. It looks quite artistic now.

2013-02-14 WOT 3 EDIT Bloom

Carolyn over at Wonder of Tech, send me some snow pictures of trees to edit. They were a little dark and so I added contrast and made them lighter. The main problem was they didn’t seem to have much depth. This picture has snow in the foreground and so I added some text and it gives it a little depth. There is an option on Photoscape called ‘bloom’ that appears to bring out the lighter pixels in the picture, probably by making them larger or a little blurred. I used that option in this picture to make it look like there was more snow on the trees. It looks a little blurred, but I think it works.


This is another of Carolyn’s snow pictures. I have edited this one a lot. The plain white sky was a bit much and although the tree is in the foreground, it didn’t seem to have much depth. What I did like was the pattern the tree made against the sky and so I tried to make that more prominent. The shading around the corners is called vignetting, there are 10 different settings in PhotoScape. By combining different things in PhotoScape, with a photo that is unique, you can develop a work of art.

a tree 2

I can’t remember when or where I took this picture, but it is a similar picture. It has some depth, but not as much as the picture with the narrowboats. I like the colours that the really bright sunlight gave.


I like to do unusual things and this is unusual. I spotted these two guys looking like they were guarding a recycling yard opposite the cemetery. I got some really usual pictures that day! I used PhotoScape to convert this to a pencil drawing and made it monochrome. I also added that frame which sort of makes it look like you are viewing them through a periscope!

I hope you liked today’s pictures. Please share your thoughts in the comments box. Incidentally,  the email address for the site hasn’t worked for the past week. It’s fixed now! I have also had a go at making the site load faster.


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