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Saturday ideas and thoughts

CARD 1 010

I don’t usually do sky pictures, they’re boring, but this one is unusual and I’m a bit desperate today. If you look carefully you can see the moon breaking through the clouds. We had another week of financial bad news. Both banks that are partly owned by the tax payer posted losses. Not real losses that would send them into administration like so many High Street businesses; these are just millions and billions lost ‘on paper’.

They’re setting aside money for compensation and fines for all their past wrong doing. Maybe they can get the pope emeritus to give them absolution for their sins? Say 5 billion Hail Mary’s and promise never to fiddle LIBOR again?

Who has all the money? was yesterday’s slightly less than serious financial post. There are new rules for banks now (BASEL 3) that will actually require them to have money, just in case we want to withdraw it  to pay for a holiday or something.

Thrifty ideas for Thursday was this week’s thrifty blog. I had a water bill for close on £400 drop through my letterbox yesterday and we have one of the cheapest in the country. How do people on £6.21 a hour afford £400 water bills? Wouldn’t it be better if the water companies were nationalised? Oh, yes they were weren’t they? That was back in the days of building societies, the Trustee savings bank, state owned British Gas and the Midlands Electricity Board. Competition and de-regulation really improved things didn’t it? We really do have a rat race now.

Looking into the future was Wednesday’s post and the future didn’t look too rosy. That was one of my more popular post this week though.

Neodigital Art | Artistic editing was Tuesday’s art blog. There were some nice pictures to look at this week. I’ll get an art gallery to give me an exhibition yet…

The psychology of luck was Monday’s psychology post. Some people are born lucky with a silver spoon in their mouths, get an education at Eton and Oxford and go on to great things without ever really experiencing some of the character forming events in life. Can they really imagine what it’s like to have absolutely no money, a letter from some officious little prat in the job centre demanding you go in for an interview and nothing for dinner, because the nearest supermarket is miles from the crappy council estate that you live on.

Sunday thoughts and giant goldfish was my Sunday ramble through the week’s events, news and anything else that happened to be on my mind.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another Sunday ramble. It will probably be about the enter key on my laptop that’s been sticking this morning. It could be about the weather that appears to be improving. Who knows?

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