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Sunday thoughts of sunshine

A factory sunset

This week George Osborne told the world that the government wants to sell it’s shares in Royal Bank of Scotland, signalling intent to dump billion of pounds worth on the stock market. This was done to coincide with the bank announcing huge ‘paper’ losses. Not surprisingly the banks share price tanked on the stock market and so did Lloyd’s Banking Group. Well done George…

It’s 44 years since Concorde first took to the skies. It seems amazing now that we could build a supersonic aircraft in those days. That was 10 years before Thatcherism. Harold Wilson was prime minister then and they did all sorts of weird things like building council houses. They build over a million in just 5 years. There were lots of strange things done in the 60’s. Benefits for pensions and sickness went up 18.5%. Could you imagine George Osborne being asked to fund that? He’d choke on his champagne…

The sun’s shining this morning. I might have an early lunch and go out taking a few photographs. It’s a bit of a dump where I live, but I’ll find something.


These photos were taken locally. The one on the left is in the wilds of Walsall, Merrion’s Wood to be exact. The one on the right is the Milky Pool. I found out that is fed by a tributary  from the river Tame. I think the course of the river and it’s brooks have changed over the years. Anyway, that’s a peek into the magical world I plan to explore this afternoon. You probably have a magical world on your doorstep too, if you look for it.

Conservative MP Claire Perry who is the PM’s adviser on the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood, has said over-parenting was stifling children’s ability to fend for themselves. She is of course talking about her own children and not ordinary kids on council estates who do fend for themselves far too much. She isn’t talking about disabled kids who need care 24/7 and will be losing their own bedrooms, because of the Tory bedroom tax.  I bet her kids can’t even boil an egg. Miss Perry needs to get out more…

Don’t you hate those photo-shopped photos that have been air-brushed to perfection to produce the perfect model for teenage girls to aspire to or the perfect family or the perfect bloody baby. No wonder we get teenage girls with false eye lashes and makeup that looks like it’s been put on with a builders trowel. It’s getting hard to recognise people, they all look the same.

Regent Street and Oxford Street were flooded yesterday. Do we care? Me neither…

They are still finding horsemeat in food. I think they are trying to close the stable door after the horse has bolted. I had my dog tested after a rumour there was some in his Winalot, they found a bit between his teeth; but he’s stable…

According to the defence secretary, Britain should cut welfare rather than the defence budget which is currently £34 billions a year. We all know that much of that money, does get wasted. Contracts always go over budget and money could be used more effectively. We have to support our soldiers fighting overseas, but we also have to support them when they are back home, injured and maybe claiming benefits. How many ex-servicemen struggle to get treatment for post traumatic stress disorder, struggle to get a place to live and struggle to get their benefits?

The Conservatives talk about growth, when they should talk about sustainability. They talk about scroungers, when they should talk about citizens. They talk about debt. They say we are all in it together. Whose debt is it and why should we all have to pay the price of their failure?

I’ve been doing a countdown to Spring on Facebook.

In the UK there are just 18 days to go now to the Spring equinox (beginning of Spring) #countdown

People tend to think Spring begins when the weather gets warmer and they miss the bluebells in the woodland and all the Spring flowers. They miss the Spring sunshine and the blossom on the trees, all because it’s a little chilly out there. Go out and enjoy it! Just over two weeks to go now and then we will put the clocks on an hour to make the evenings lighter. Enjoy!

I also started this countdown:

There are now 794 days to the next general election. #theclockisticking

Yes, the clock is ticking for all the political parties. Labour needs to get organised and offer some sort of credible alternative. The Liberal Democrats need to decide on policies too and be prepared for a possible coalition with Labour. The Conservatives need to prepare for a defeat that will leave them in the wilderness, for a very long time. Fortunately, we can rely on the more right wing Conservatives to make sure they have no chance of winning the election in 2015. I do hope that the Lib Dems can salvage their reputation and party and offer something so we don’t get Labour in with a huge majority. Too much power in the hands of Labour might not be such a good idea. At the moment they appear to be clueless. Will anyone come up with radical policies in the next 2 years? I doubt it. I’m available to write and formulate policy documents if anyone wants to give it a go…

What do you think? Please use the comments box to share your thoughts. The bloody sunshine disappeared while I was writing this. Typical…


3 responses

  1. Our MPs have no idea how the real world works. Osborne, Cameron … all the same, and don’t get me started on Idiot Duncan Smith.

    3, March 2013 at 12:02 pm

    • Hi Nick,

      They don’t appear to have a clue. The government cuts spending and then they wonder why GDP is down. You can’t make it up….

      3, March 2013 at 12:54 pm

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