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Thrifty Thursday Shopping

The Aldi super-six this week are chantenay carrots (500g), white cabbage, little gem lettuce (2), spring onions, lemons (3) and celery; the same as last week. They are all 49p each. There are lots of gardening bargains to be had in today’s special buys. I like the windowsill greenhouse for 1.99, great for starting off those seeds.

The 220 litre composter (£19.99) would save some money if you usually buy compost. I’m not sure if that would fit in my car though. Many councils are part of a scheme to buy composters through the council now, they are delivered (at a price).  Take a look at the Get Composting website. I saw a 220 litre composter for £16 plus P&P at £5.49. I’m not keen on that offer, because they have the delivery charge on  a separate page and they have a buy one get one half price offer. They would sell more if they included delivery in the price and didn’t faff about. The company seems to work with local authorities and is run by Jonathan Straight, who changed his name from Gay to set up Straight PLC.

No, I’m not making it up…

There are more offers at Aldi on Sunday including Easter Eggs. I might look at the phone with answering machine. I changed the batteries in my cordless handsets, but they still tend to go flat on speakerphone. The digital electronic safe is interesting too at £24.99. I could do with that for all the money I save!

Smile with tongue out

I was looking at bargains at Amazon and a garden system that includes a chainsaw, strimmer and hedge trimmer that runs on petrol caught my eye. That would be useful for me. It’s costs £167.26 but at least it would make light work of my garden!

It can save you money to grow veggies in your garden this year, but fruit is expensive too. They have had fruit trees in Aldi and now they have some in Lidl for £3.99 each. There’s a choice of apple, pear, plum or peach. I have a couple of old apple trees in my garden and home grown apples are nothing like the ones you buy, they are delicious. I used to have a peach tree, but they’re more prone to disease.

I think if you are growing vegetables for the first time, then runner beans are the best one to try. Start them off in one of those little windowsill greenhouses and keep them warm and moist. Sometimes they can be planted out in May or even earlier, but sometimes it goes cold and kills them off. I usually do some for early planting and some for planting out in late May or June.

It costs me too much in petrol to go to different supermarkets, but I can go to Aldi one week and Lidl the next. I might go to Lidl this week, they have grapes for £1.39 (500g) and their veg is usually quite good. I don’t need very much this week and so that would make a change. They have leads for sat navs in Lidl too, so I’ll try to get one of those. I need some rechargeable AA batteries too, they did have those last time I went.

Have you spotted any useful bargains? Spring is less than two weeks away now and so we have to prepare for the new season… Please comment and share your thoughts.


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