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Neodigital Art | Black Country pictures

This is the pool in Moorcroft Wood, last summer. The next picture is of it recently in the depths of winter; after the snow.

 The Sanna

It’s not so green and lush now, but it has filled with water. It seems it was the snow melting off the hills that filled it. It has also overflowed into a smaller pool. There are other smaller pools and I’ll be checking those to see if they’re filling with water.


This is the lock keepers cottage photo that I took recently. I’ve used PhotoScape to edit and used the watercolour pencil option. Notice the satellite dish, I edited that out for the next photo.


I tried to get a vintage look to this photo. There is a clone option in PhotoScape and I put the cursor on the satellite dish and cloned the wall next to it; removing the satellite dish. The canal is probably 18th century and it would have looked like this in Victorian times.

canal 2

I just increased the colour in this picture, using PhotoScape. It has made the grass a little too green, but it’s made it more interesting. In the Black Country you can’t go far without crossing a canal. This one runs through Walsall to Rushall. It would have served the coal fields, long ago.

What do you think of this week’s pictures? Please share your thoughts in the comments box.


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