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More Thursday Thrifty shopping

The Aldi super-six this week are braeburn apples (6), mango, kiwis (8), plums (400g), pineapple and oranges (6). They are all 69p each. Those are all rich in vitamins. We all need extra vitamin C now the winter is finally coming to an end. Spring begins with the Spring equinox, next Wednesday.

I didn’t go to Aldi this week. I picked up a few bargains in Lidl instead. I went for the rechargeable AA batteries, but didn’t find any. I bought frozen frying chips (2.5Kg) for £1.36 and they cooked well in my airfryer. They don’t brown as good as the Champion crinkle cut chips from Aldi (1Kg), but they are less than half the price. I had some frozen green beans too for £1.29, those made a change.

I didn’t see anything to get excited about in Aldi’s special buys for today, unless you want an air compressor and tools. The thermo fleece blanket might come in useful?  If you’re planning on doing some Spring decorating, check out the Sunday special buys.

Lidl have tools and decorating stuff on offer today too. Lidl have some half price offers at the weekend. I like turkey, but won’t make a special trip to get that.  Where I live we have lots of keen anglers, probably because we have miles of canals. On Monday lots of fishing related stuff is on offer at Lidl. I like the anglers glow sticks and they work out to around 5p each.

On some websites, it can be difficult to find what you want. I did find the Matalan Home-ware sale after a little messing around. It’s worth looking at because they have a lot of half price bargains, including beach towels. They even have Christmas paper and gift bags on sale. Those could save you some money and spread the cost of Christmas.

George at Asda usually have good quality clothes and they too have a half price sale. I have a Asda superstore not too far away and I think clothes are better bought in store rather than online. You can see what you’re getting in store.

Tesco too have a clearance event. I didn’t see much to tempt me except the professional stock pot for £24.00. Those are useful for making stock for soups and stews.

Have you spotted any bargains this week? Please share your thoughts in the comments box.


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