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It’s the Spring equinox on Wednesday and so there is something to look forward to. A lot of people are dreading the future though with new Housing Benefit rules about to make life very difficult for many of the poorest members of society. These are people whose children have perhaps left home or who have a child away from home at university.

This won’t affect those who have children at Oxford enjoying their jollies with the Bullingdon Club. They can have a smashing time, because mummy and daddy are from the upper classes and can afford to pay off anyone who complains about their loutish behaviour. 

The leader of the opposition had the House of Commons in uproar this week with his funny. He asked the Prime Minister if there was anything that he could organise in a brewery. I’m sure he felt he had scored points by making the house laugh. However, he simply showed that Labour members were overgrown schoolboys just like the Tory toffs opposite them. There might be one or two regional accents on the Labour benches, but they are on the same gravy train.

Meanwhile the new Pope refused to wear the red cape of office saying that ‘carnival time is over.’ He hasn’t given up his luxury apartment, but does seem to be concerned with the poor of the world. In China, the new Premier says over the next decade he wants to double the incomes of ordinary people. These are fine words when compared to the words and actions of European leaders. The Bullingdon Boys, Cameron and Osborne are planning on more poverty in the UK. In Europe a bailout for Cyprus included a tax on savings deposits of up to 10%.

The resources of this planet are finite, there is only so much oil and other minerals. We have to  think about sustainability now. The rich expect to to jet around the world with no thought to where the fuel comes from or what damage they do to the environment. They want their Aston Martins and their Ferraris and it’s all good Bullingdon fun until their grandchildren have to pay the price. But what do they care for children, the poor, the elderly, the weak or the vulnerable? It makes you wonder who the Bullingdon Boys will target next. It seems that many who can’t afford to pay their rents in London after the Housing Benefit changes will be asked to leave the city. The mayor of London, coincidentally, another Bullingdon Boy, appears to want London for the rich and only for the rich.

Incidentally, If you have never heard of the very exclusive Bullingdon Club, it’s a club for students at Oxford university. It is a sheer coincidence that the Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Mayor of London are all former members. George, who changed his name from Gideon Oliver Osborne is heir to a baronetcy; but it’s only an Irish one. Perhaps that’s why he has something to prove?

The government keep telling us how in debt the government is and how it was all that nasty Mr Brown’s fault. What I can’t understand is why Britain’s AAA credit rating wasn’t downgraded when Mr Brown was chancellor. Why now?

On to a totally different subject, I watched Mrs Brown’s boys last night. It needs a writer. Profanity isn’t funny; it’s juvenile. Mrs Brown’s Boys is Irish just like Gideon Oliver’s baronetcy. I think you would probably find better humour in a Dublin bar on a week night.

I just looked out of the window, there was a guy standing behind a hedge with a smile on his face looking down at a woman whose head was bobbing up and down in front of him. It seemed to take her bloody ages to get that kid into it’s pushchair.

That’s all for this week. Please use the comments box to share your thoughts…

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  1. I love the irony of a pope wanting to spread wealth to the poor. This coming from the head of one of the wealthiest establishments in the world.

    18, March 2013 at 11:09 am

    • Hi Nick,

      There are wealthy Catholics like Tony Blair and his wife and so the Pope could use his influence to persuade the rich to give more to the poor. Don’t hold your breath though!

      Thank for stopping by.

      18, March 2013 at 2:19 pm

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