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Thrifty Thursday scrimping

The Aldi super-six this week are braeburn apples (6), mango, kiwis (8), plums (400g), pineapple and oranges (6). They are all 69p each.That’s the same as last week. On offer today are vegetable plug packs for 1.99. Its worth considering growing some veggies in the garden this year. Salad things like lettuces, spring onions, radishes and tomatoes are reasonably easy to grow.

Where I live I would have got advice from expert gardeners in the local pub and even seeds and plants. Who can afford to spend time in the pub these days? Many pubs here have closed and ripped the heart out of communities. It seems the government has noticed and knocked a penny off a pint. Whoopee, we can all celebrate!

On Sunday Aldi has vegetable curry on special for 85p. The balti dishes at 3.79 each would be good if you like to cook a balti at home. You could pour a tin of that curry over a bit of chicken to make a meal at the weekend, as an alternative to going out for a meal or a takeaway and save a few quid.

I cooked some haddock in the microwave the other day. I had peas and some frozen chips with it. That cost about a pound, cheaper than popping down the fish and chips shop! I also cooked a chicken and vegetable stew yesterday, lot of herbs in that and a little Malaysian spice that I got from Aldi. It was cheap and delicious. Food outlets have been opening up everywhere in the past few years and it’s big business. Kids with virtually no money on Jobseekers Allowance blow their cash in MacDonald’s or Greggs, because their mum couldn’t be bothered to teach them how to cook a decent meal. Learn to cook…

The budget yesterday will mean some people paying less income tax and other will have their housing benefit and possibly their council tax benefits cut. Some people will be slightly better off, some people will be much worse off. Some kids will be going to school hungry. It is important to shop around and get value for money. We have to put essentials like housing, energy and food before the luxuries like the wide screen television, the smart phone, the tattoo and the fake sun tan.

We certainly have to put essentials before cigarettes, alcohol and unnecessary travelling. There are a lot of things that are free, like a walk around the park. We can often enjoy music without spending much money, if any. I use my laptop, to listen to music, play games, write my blogs, chat to friends, do my email, do research and watch free video. I think I get my money’s worth out of it.  My car is 16 years old, but starts first time and gets me where I’m going. I wish it had reversing sensors, but I manage without them. I don’t try to keep up with my neighbours, I like a few quid in the bank and investments for the future.

Easter is fast approaching and retailers will be tempting us with eggs, bunnies, turkeys and cards. Resist all the temptation. If you want to make Easter special, you could cook a special meal. Get a small chicken from Aldi, a pack of minced turkey. Stuff the chicken with minced turkey and onion to make it a bit special and make it go a lot further and serve with roast potatoes, a mixture of vegetables and a nice savoury gravy.

Do you have any bargains in mind or money saving tips? Please share your thoughts in the comments box.


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