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More snow hits the UK

It’s nearly Easter and we have more snow! It was the first day of Spring on Wednesday and just as you thought it was safe, the snow came again. The weather here is as unpredictable as the politics, but doesn’t it make life interesting? Getting around today is a little difficult, the bus station was closed.

I posted a few blogs as usual this week, in a week when we also had the budget.

Finance Friday | Talk Talk Talk was yesterday’s finance related post. We all have have to think about our finances after this week’s budget.

Thrifty Thursday scrimping was Thursday’s post. We all have to be a bit thrifty now too. You can pay money in interest to you bank or worse to a pay day loan company or have them pay you interest. I prefer the latter and so I’ve been careful to save and invest. My investments aren’t doing so well this month, but i think the governments economic policies and the state of the economy is to blame for that.

Spring at last was Wednesday’s optimistic post on the first day of Spring. That’s about as optimistic as I’m going to get until I see blossom on the trees and bluebells in the woodland anyway!

Neodigital Art | Winter weather was Tuesday’s art and photography post. I think I could have more snow pictures for next Tuesday!

Psychology | Logic, proof and belief was Monday’s post and the most popular one of the week. My psychology articles get more popular every week and some of the older posts are still being read.

Bullingdon Britain was my Sunday post. That was an observation that the people now running Britain were once members of the Bullingdon club while they studied at that elitist palace of learning; The  University of Oxford.  Their right wing policies are tempered a little by an alumni of the University of Cambridge; we can be grateful for small mercies…

I think I will be clearing snow before lunch today. If you’re having problems with the cold weather, try to keep warm and try not to travel. Why not take a few photos of it? Please comment and share your thoughts.


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