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Spring in the heart of England

River Tame

Today’s photo is of Spring. No, not this Spring! This was last Spring, the sun was shining and the River Tame was lined with millions of flowers! There were bluebells in the woods, blossom on the trees and it was Spring. What do we have this year?

Yes, we have more snow! It all looks so nice covered in a blanket of white, but it’s cold and our heating bills will be going up yet again. To make matters worse it was another nonsense budget this week; that included a penny off beer. Pubs are an important part of the community. They were before half of them were closed down and the remainder of them taken over by soccer louts, crack-heads and alcoholics. I know I’m being unfair, some have been converted into restaurants; usually catering for the more exotic cuisine. We are a multicultural nation after all.

Have you seen that programme on television about the railways? The one narrated by Kevin Whateley?  That shows drunks going to soccer matches and EDL marches. Why do the rail companies allow them to travel? They are privatised and will sell their grannies  to make a profit. The ordinary law abiding travellers suffer for it. They have lots of immigrant labour to keep the trains running and clean the toilets, which tend to be left in a disgusting state.

We have record numbers of people employed now, but still have millions unemployed. So we need to give them a little incentive to get a job. This is where ATOS Healthcare come, in testing people to see if they are fit for work. After all, if they are fit enough to travel into the city and walk up 3 flights of steps for the assessment, there can’t be much wrong with them. Can there?

We are now a nation of strivers. David Cameron didn’t get where he is without striving at Eton and Oxford. Those nights out with the Bullingdon Club took their toll on him, as they did on George Osborne who made it to become chancellor; but those trials and tribulations didn’t stop the Bullingdon Boys. What’s a little hangover after a night of haute cuisine and champagne?

People need to experience austerity and learn new skills. Why not learn to make your own curtains or learn some painting and decorating? These skills will come in useful when you move into your new one bedroom flat. No, pets aren’t allowed, there isn’t room to swing a cat anyway. You do have a choice, you can actually pay the bedroom tax…

You might be aware that your money in the bank is guaranteed up to a 100,000 euros (£85,000) unless you have an account in Cyprus then you have to help rescue the bankrupt banks. They have gone bankrupt because they lost money on Greek bonds that took a ‘hair cut’.  I know, financiers use such strange terms for robbing people blind. People in Cyprus are running out of cash and so are the cash machines. The powers that be, tell you not to buy gold or keep cash in case of emergencies. Tell that to the Cypriots…

Next time you pass a school at kicking out time, count all the cars run by the mothers, then work out how much all those cars cost. Then count the kids and multiply by £100,000; that’s how much their education costs by the time they try to get a job. Then take a guess at how much the kids healthcare costs and you get some idea of why they are restricting families to one child in China and have a growing economy.

It’s Easter next Sunday and we will be putting our clocks forward to British Summer Time. We could have a white Easter, that will please the people who wanted a White Christmas…

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3 responses

  1. You’re spring pic had me doubting my sanity. It was my nieces birthday on Friday and she was saying last year, she was on the beach at Aberrystwith, sunbathing.

    24, March 2013 at 9:06 pm

  2. Hi Nick,

    The weather is very different this year. There was blue skies this morning for a little while! Maybe we will have a summer this year. It does make you wonder about climate change and how bad it might get in the future…

    25, March 2013 at 12:02 pm

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