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Neodigital Art | creative photo editing


The international students at the University of Wolverhampton are keen to record their time in England in photographs.

There are day trips to popular tourist locations. Fei, an international student from China  went to Cambridge a few weeks ago and took this photo. I’ve done an edit and added contrast, made it warmer and levelled it up a little. It’s an interesting photograph.


This is the original. The weather wasn’t very good and the light was poor, but with a little editing, the photograph looks better. I usually add highlights to most photos, but when there are dark clouds, it makes them even darker and so that wasn’t a good idea for this photo.


I used one of these one of these foggy pictures last week. This one is before the street lamps came on. When you take night pictures there isn’t much light. You can just set your camera on a night setting or on a slow setting or even a wide aperture setting. I used the night setting for this because I wasn’t sure how still I could hold the camera. You get a sort of greenhouse effect inside the camera as photons bounce around inside. You can see on this photo that there are tiny white dots all over the photo, but mostly at the top. The editing can disguise that a little. You can also make night photos lighter.

Moorcroft Pool Moxley

This edit is a little more artistic. This is Moorcroft Pool, in Moorcroft Wood; otherwise known as the Sanna. I did do one edit and took out the electricity pylon, but it didn’t look quite right. The pylons and the reflections seem to add to the picture. Most of my pictures are close to canals and the banks are used for the power cables. Moorcroft Wood has a canal on two sides of the Woodland. Another small pool, to the left in this picture, close to the canal has now filled with water. I shall have to explore the woodland where that pylon is to see if any other pools have water in them. The pool could get much better than this if they all fill with water and join together to make one big pool. The woodland is changing, I saw a fox and there were more birds, when I last went there.

If you want to find places to take photos where you live, try Google maps and Streetview. Often things are hidden away, look for open land and go exploring. I saw a photo on Flickr the other day of a bridge over the river with the railway running over it. The photographer had caught a train passing over the bridge. He must have waited a while with a very fast speed setting on his camera. I think he would have used a tripod too. It was a shot worth waiting for, though. I thought about trying for the same shot, but it involves a kilometre walk along the river!

What do you think of today’s edits? Please comment and share your thoughts…


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