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Thrifty Thursday bargain hunt

The Aldi super-six this week are leeks (pack), new potatoes (750g), onions (1kg), broccoli (350g), carrots (1kg) and parsnips (600g). They are all 49p. That’s better, we can make some winter stews with those to keep out the cold!

I’m not very excited by today’s special buys, but the ‘picnic basket’ made me curious just because of the size, 150cm long by 130cm. You would get plenty in that. I’m not too sure if it would fit in the back of the car though… There are other things that are suitable for summer too.

The special buys for Monday are mostly gardening equipment and supplies.

The Matalan sale is usually worth looking at. The end of the winter season is putting more items into the sale now and so it’s a good time to look for bargains. Although it’s Spring, most people still need winter clothing!

I looked at some of the offers at Asda, but they weren’t too impressive unless you buy three for a tenner. The carrots and parsnips are £1 per kilo, so more expensive than Aldi. The onions were 50p so a penny more, but pennies mount up!

George at Asda is usually worth taking a look at, their clothes are reasonable and good quality.  I usually have my slippers from there and they’re half price in the sale. It might be worth popping in for those, I can look around the home ware.

I wasn’t too excited when I looked at Tesco either but they do have Kleenex, 2 for £3. I noticed Tesco buy gold, £10 a gram for 9ct gold. They compare that with other buyers and seem to come out good. I compared it to Bowjangles who are paying £12.25 at the moment. They pay even more for 18 and 22ct gold. They are paying £243.28 today for sovereigns.  I have one of their shops just up the road, which is handy should the economic system collapse completely.

It’s Easter Sunday this week and there are Easter eggs on offer everywhere. I don’t think it’s worth shopping around unless you have a specialised shop close by with really yummy chocolate. I have one of those close by too! You might want hot cross buns on Friday, I would look for those, either in Lidl or in Morrison’s. My local Lidl and Morrison’s both have in-store bakeries. You want them fresh. Right?

If you want really fresh hot cross buns why not use this recipe from the BBC and and make your own?

Have you found any good bargains? Please comment and share your thoughts. I’m interested in people’s experiences with food banks too. There are rumours that the government is considering introducing food stamps. What do you think? Good idea or bad idea (no profanity please).


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