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Easter 2013

Woden Road South, Wednesbury

I took this photo in March last year, the weather was warm and sunny, before the rains came. This year, my lawn is covered in snow. Is climate change to blame? That was the subject of one of my articles this week. The UK government will be cutting welfare this week too, the poor will get poorer.

If you cut the the incomes of the rich by 10%, they might have to have a slightly less luxurious car or cut down on holidays. If you cut the incomes of the poorest in society that can mean their kids not getting their 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day and so getting sick. 10% of the income of the poorest in society pays for all their little luxuries, so they start to cut down on essentials. Some will refuse to pay their rent, some will turn to crime.

Finance Friday | The Last Easter Egg was yesterday’s post and  I’m sure many children will be enjoying their last Easter egg, this Easter. I find it quite strange that the establishment are so Church of England and at the same time so unchristian.

Thrifty Thursday bargain hunt was Thursday’s thrifty blog. I went shopping on Thursday afternoon, it was busier than usual. The supermarkets will be closed tomorrow. I bought some of those parsnips for 49p!

Is the climate really changing? was Wednesday’s post. I think the climate is largely self regulating, but can we survive while it regulates itself? Some more research needs to be done and it need to be done by all governments working together. That won’t happen then, we’re all doomed…

Neodigital Art | Creative photo editing was Tuesday’s popular art and photography  post. I hope to take a few more photos this weekend, the forecast says it will be a little warmer.

Psychology | Depression was Monday’s popular post. Depression can happen to any of us and can be disabling. It’s a good idea to be aware of it and what can be done about it. 

Spring in the heart of England was my Sunday ramble. Yes, we have had snow and it’s been cold, but it wasn’t as cold as last year in December and January. Last year the canals froze, but I haven’t seen frozen water this year, despite the snow. Even when it’s very cold I go out and take some photos, I took some good ones of the snow this year and I’m looking forward to photographing Spring flowers soon.

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