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Treasure in the Black Country


This could be the only treasure map in existence with a motorway running through it. You may remember that I wrote about Princess Ethelfleda’s hoard of gold in my post just a year ago. We’re still looking for it. It could be buried at King’s Hill, there is a park there that’s suitable for scouring with a metal detector.

By spooky coincidence Google maps have provided us with a treasure maps today, so we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to figure out where the treasure might have been buried.

I think the river could be a clue, a 1,000 years ago it would have been very important. Is it a coincidence that Our Lady of the Mercians built fortresses at both Wednesbury and Tamworth, both close to the River Tame?  Maybe, the hoard could be found near the river?

The river runs from Walsall and can be seen in Bentley Mill Way where it joins to a brook and goes under the aqueduct. You can walk along the river there and even use your metal detector. There was mining on the field between the aqueduct and Walsall Road and so that field could be dangerous. The river runs from there alongside the M6 motorway to Bescot station. I went there and took some photos of the station and the river. You will see that two sources of the river join there and then it flows towards Tame bridge where it crosses the Walsall Road and goes down Sandwell Valley.

The river also runs through Wednesbury and joins with the one from Bentley Mill Way at Bescot. There are places in Wednesbury where you can walk along the river. You can start in Woden Road South where there is a large pool, with ducks, geese and other birds. The river runs behind the pool and if you cross Hydes Road you can follow the river for quite a way . That’s a good place to explore with your metal detector. You can also gain access to the river from Tame Avenue as it approaches Bescot Station to join with the other tributary and continue on to Sandwell Valley.

The best place to see and explore the river must be down Sandwell Valley. Wigmore Lane goes off the Newton Road to the left and there is access to the river there. You can walk along the bridleway all the way to Forge Mill Farm. There is also access to Forge Mill farm which is open to the public in Forge Lane. There you will find new born lambs and other interesting things. The Tame runs between the farm and Forge Mill Lake. When you leave there you will find Swan Pool close by and you can always visit Sandwell Valley Farm too. Close to there is Dartmouth Park which has been renovated recently.

You are sure to find treasure and if you take your camera, you can bring treasure home with you, in the form of memories, that you can share with family and friends. Sandwell Valley is a great place for a picnic on a summer’s day too.

Please use the comments box to share your thoughts. Have you seen any other interesting things, this April 1st?


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