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Neodigital Art | Forge Mill Farm


I’ve started today with a photo of Forge Mill Farm, I went there on Easter Sunday. It was cold! There is still some snow about and so I had to wrap up warm and try to cope with the poor light.

Farm 2

I had to take this picture quickly. I wanted the train in the shot! I do have another shot with more of the train on. It crosses a bridge  over the river, a little farther on. That’s the shot that I really want when the light is better. I might even use the tripod for that one! It will need the camera set on a faster speed, so more light will be better.

Forge Mill Farm 

I’ve taken this shot before, but this one is better; no one wandered into the shot. The light wasn’t very good though. Patterns make a picture better and I used the pastel pencil option in PhotoScape to bring out the patterns in this picture. We have the patterns of the brickwork and the ‘cobbles’.

Forge Mill

From this angle you can see then building used to be a water mill. The window on the right must have been a recent addition, the water wheel would have been there. Notice the textures and patterns in this picture, I used the watercolour pencil option again to bring those out. 


They had all the young lambs in out of the cold. I prefer to do something artistic with live lambs, rather than pickle them in formaldehyde!


I shot this from close to the top of Sandwell Valley. You can see there was still snow around. I think that’s Sutton in the distance.


This shot is across Dartmouth golf course.  That would be Birmingham, somewhere over there.

I hope you have liked today’s picture and the artistic edits. Please comment and share your thoughts.


4 responses

  1. Hi Mike, Wow, what a wonderful collection of images! The top one is so powerful. Your edits do the trick of setting the mood for that picture. Again, that could be the image used on a movie poster.

    My favorite picture this week is the third one. The effects you use bring out details in a way that the plain, unedited photo just wouldn’t capture.

    You seem to blend the perfect edits with your pictures!

    Off to pin these to Pinterest. I humbly suggest you add a Pinterest button to your blog, if possible, so people can more easily share your artistry!

    3, April 2013 at 11:19 am

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I like the photo of the farm shop. I would like to take it in better light though. It was a good layout this week, with the hand cart in just the right place. There are visitors there and they tend to walk into the shot too.

      I’ll have to look for a PInterest button. I have one on my toolbar.

      Thanks for popping in,,.

      3, April 2013 at 11:56 am

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