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Weekend review from the heart of England


I get a few local readers at the weekend and so I’ll explain about today’s picture. I took this at Easter at Forge Mill Farm in Sandwell Valley Country Park. From Walsall take the Birmingham Road, turn right at the Scott Arms and go up the Newton Road then left into Forge Lane. Forge Mill Farm is on the left, take the second entrance.

From West Bromwich you go down All Saints Way and then down the Newton Road. It’s worth visiting because they have a farm shop, plants for sale, lambs for the kids to look at and so on. You also have the river and if it’s warm people take picnics and sit by Forge Mill Lake. On the other side of Forge Lane is Swan Pool, that’s worth looking at too.

The government  austerity drive seems to be biting now and the most needy in society are getting a little worried. The government seems to be trying to pay off the mortgage, when many people thinks it should re-mortgage and build new homes. I’ve seen these monetarist ideas in action before.

Friday Friday | Monetarist Mayhem was yesterday’s article on the causes of the problems.  A few people think I should go into politics. I’m too old and cynical but if someone in Westminster needs a political advisor or some new ideas, they are welcome to shoot me an email. I’m cheap… Unlike them…

Thrifty Thursday | surviving austerity was Thursday’s post. We have to put up with these policies for another 760 days at least (yes, I’m counting and the clock is ticking). So, give Sainsbury’s a miss and shop somewhere cheap like Aldi. Maybe Lord Sainsbury will get the message, people only stay rich if poor people buy their crap.

Mid-week moan | times are a changing was more comment on the causes of the country’s problems. Money is the means of exchanging wealth and if some people and institutions have it all, how do the rest of us exchange what we produce and our skills?

Neodigital Art | Forge Mill Farm was Tuesday’s popular post when I used my photos of Forge Mill Farm and Sandwell Valley. I will be using one of those pictures again this week. I spent over an hour trying to edit and do something artistic and creative. I’ll tell you how I did the edit on Tuesday.

Treasure in the Black Country was my Easter Monday post and it happened to be April the first too! Thanks to Google I even had a treasure map!

Easter Sunday sunshine was my Sunday ramble and as popular as usual. I shall be back with another ramble through whatever is on my mind tomorrow.

At the time of writing, I can see sunshine and blues sky and so I intend to go out this weekend and take more photos for my blogs. I suppose I will have to use a little petrol, but I’ll drive frugally and I won’t be buying anything while I’m out like food and drinks. I can take my own. We have to be thrifty and frugal, not just to save money, but to dent the profits of companies that would exploit us. I wish they had sold cheap vegetables at Forge Mill Farm, I would have bought some rather than go to a German supermarket. Sandwell is a deprived area and so a council run farm selling cheap veggies would make sense, but not to the chief executive on over 100K a year.

Please share you views in the comments box. If you have something to say, you can even write a guest blog and email it to me! I also feature photos.

2 responses

  1. Mike, I absolutely love reading your Blog!
    I love the things you write about, your humour and i love the layout …. i want a blog just like this.

    And the way you have done this ‘Weekend review’ …. with little tit-bits of each days posts?
    I much pinch this idea off you,(If I may?)

    But, you have to tell me how you do some of the things you do with your layout … so many I love that I can’t think of them off the top of my head, but one comes to the fore:
    That collage of pictures you had the other day … loved it.

    I supposes I’m going to have to invest in the upgrade to do all these great things aren’t I?
    My HTML & CSS is a little rusty, but I’m a quick learner…..

    I’m becoming a huge fan ….. brilliant stuff!


    6, April 2013 at 5:56 pm

    • Hi Tia,

      I write my blog with Windows Live writer and that converts everything to HTML, it makes mistakes you there is an HTML mode to correct it. I mainly like it because I can choose my font and font size.

      You can get PhotoScape as Freeware and I did that collage with that. I also do edits and improve all the photos. I do blogs about art and photography on Tuesday. This week I’m doing one about editing out some cars and making a photo look old. The photo is of that hand cart at Forge Mill farm.

      This blog is very simple. I don;t like fancy stuff. I have some plug ins ut only the basic ones. My other site has more and is more complex. The stuff in the sidebar is just widgets. You can send me an email any time you need to know how to do something in particular.

      The Saturday review is a good idea. My brother visits on Saturday so I have less time, I don’t have to write much just review the week! Feel free to nick that idea!

      I shall be writing in the morning and hopefully taking photos in the afternoon. WE took some of the canal at Ocker Hill today. Not sure where tomorrow, it could be Sandwell Valley, maybe Redhouse park.

      Thanks for the comment.

      6, April 2013 at 10:12 pm

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