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Neodigital Art | Editing with PhotoScape


Today’s picture was taken at Forge Mill Farm in Sandwell Valley and I’ve edited it with PhotoScape taking out some cars in the background and I changed the colours to look like sepia.

The hand cart is from another era and so I wanted the picture to have a vintage look. PhotoScape is a freeware application and intuitive to use.


This is what the screen looks like when you open PhotoScape. To edit photos, you simply choose Editor, but there are other useful applications there too. The page option allows you to make a sort of collage of your photos and that can be useful if you’re going to print them and use a larger frame. You can even do animated GIFS. When you have opened the editor, you have lots of options. I used filter, then pictorialisation, then water color pencil on this photo. It’s brought out the texture of the block paving. Then I went to colour and selected colorize to give it a vintage look. The most important and tricky part of the editing was getting rid of cars in the background. I clicked tools and then used the clone tool. Click with that, then move just a little to where you want to clone to. I cloned the fence and the trees to remove some cars. Finally, I cropped the picture to get it just the way that I wanted it.


This is the picture before I edited with PhotoScape but after I had edited with Windows Live Photo Gallery. It’s still quite dull, even after editing. See if you can spot which little bits that I cloned to hide the cars?


You can also also use that option to combine photos to get a long photo like this. You could also do info-graphics like this.  What do you think of today’s editing? Artistic? Please share your thoughts in the comments box…


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  1. Hi Mike, That’s fascinating! I was wondering how you got rid of the cars. I like the photo much better without the cars. Now that you mention it, when I look closer I can see the difference in the shapes of the pickets in the fence.

    But I do miss the colors because the flowers and the awning in the cart were so lovely. Can you do the cloning and keep the colors? Is the cloning more noticeable with the colors preserved?

    Thanks for today’s amazing lesson!

    9, April 2013 at 11:48 am

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I thought all those pictures looked interesting. Perhaps, it’s my sense of history that makes me want to make them vintage. Water was an important power source before we had steam. There were a few water mills that changed from milling corn to powering a forge.

      I’ll have to have a go at a colour version of my hand cart picture. I might even be able to make the flowers stand out more. There is a feature in Photoscape called bloom!

      You can also use clone to hide marks on portraits. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

      9, April 2013 at 12:51 pm

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