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The mid-week moan, again

In the park

It would seem that Britain is more divided than ever today. It will be interesting to see whose side everyone is really on when it comes to the crunch. The elitists are having a funeral for their heroine. She saved Britain; gave us Google, Iphones, Windows 7, Tesco value beef-burgers and Wonga.

We now have a country that is deeply in debt and so are the people who maxed out their credit cards with their homes as security. The country has no security to fall back on though, that was all sold off. She sold off the ‘family silver’ and now there is nothing but memories. She still has her admirers, people like her; others with psychopathic and narcissistic tendencies. They will all gather to bow their heads in front of their evil icon.  She goes down in history along with Hitler, Churchill, Saddam Hussein and Stalin as a great leader or an evil bleeder; depending on your present state of mental health.

People were dancing in the streets. They say that is in bad taste, I’m sure people were quite pleased when Hitler and the other power crazy dictators got their comeuppance. The funeral will be on par with that of the Princess of Wales, who the people liked and who to some extent united the nation. Will people be lining the streets throwing red roses this time? I don’t think so. Tony Blair is one person calling for people to show some respect. I don’t think people will be dancing in the streets when he goes. He made mistakes, but no one thinks he’s evil.

It seems we have a measles epidemic in parts of Britain too, but there appears to be a epidemic of loneliness right across the country, for all sorts of reasons. We have social media, but not many places to socialise anymore. The pubs are expensive and who can talk when they are showing sport on wide screen televisions and the morons are chanting? Community centres and other resources are closing down now too. Perhaps, art galleries and leisure centres could be made more user friendly? Some of the pubs that have been closed down could be made into some sort of community resource rather than just being boarded up waiting for the kids to set them on fire. They could scrap  business rates on some community projects, maybe they could be opened up as some social enterprise? David Cameron’s imaginary Big Society could do it perhaps?

Royal Bank of Scotland and Nat West have been fined over the IT problems that they have had.  You might be surprised to hear that they are going to introduce ‘talking cash machines’ for the blind. I was a bit worried when I first heard about it. I had visions of a cash machine shouting “how much?” at me when I tried to withdraw my usual five bob.

Anyway; whatever, as they say when mentioning Margaret Thatcher. The weather forecast says the weather is going to improve for the weekend, so I’m planning a day out on Sunday. Before I go, I’ll write another ramble about whatever is on my mind on Sunday morning. I hope it will be about a lottery win…

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