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Ding dong, its Saturday


I get more local readers at weekends because my blog posts are featured on ‘the yamyam’.  There appears to be more and more local bloggers now and they are writing good posts. Anyway, in case any local reader is wondering, today’s picture is of King’s Hill Park, just outside Darlaston.

My blog posts have been getting a little political just lately and some people might think I have very left wing views. I don’t, they are more liberal, but I also try to be sensible. If we all won six million on the lottery and went out to buy a posh house, the price of posh houses would rocket and we would be no better off. I don’t think some people should be super rich and some people live in absolute poverty. We need a society that is sustainable. The government wants ‘growth’, they are greedy, driven by greed and avarice. Do we really want a dog each dog society with no compassion for our fellow man? That is being promoted by many now. But hey, ding dong, not all of us are that bewitched by the lure of money and possessions.

Finance Friday | Needs and Wants was my Friday post and yes, it was a bit political, but at least I have positive and practical ideas. Are you listening Miliband?

Thrifty Thursday | More bargains was Thursday’s regular post about bargain hunting. I might go and buy some seeds later, I’m going to have a go at growing runner beans this year.

The mid-week moan, again was Wednesday’s moan and again it was a little political.  At least I have some ideas, I’m afraid the Labour party have few ideas and will probably go with watered down conservatism if they did win an election. Not that I want them to go left wing and nationalise everything again. There is a case for bringing monopolies into state ownerships though. Water is a good example, but I would like to see state control, if not state ownership, of the stock market. Now there’s a scary thought!

Neodigital Art | Editing with PhotoScape was Tuesday’s popular art and photography blog. If you want to make your photos a work of art or even become a digital artist and join the Neodigital art movement; you should read that post.  Neodigital is the art for the 21st century and you can be part of it.

Psychology| Communication was Monday’s psychology post. Communication is so important to us, but it is about listening and not just talking. Miliband are you listening?

What class are you in? was Sunday’s post. The way we think about class divisions does seem to have changed, but they are still there and as divisive as ever.

What motivates someone to spend thousands of pounds on designer clothes or hundred of pounds on a pair of sunglasses? This type of motivation is emotional, they feel a need to feel important, a cut above the rest of us. Motivation can be very emotional, what motivates these politicians who seem so greedy and driven by avarice? I will be looking at that with my psychology post on Monday. Tomorrow will be another Sunday ramble before I go out shopping and maybe have an afternoon taking photos. Be sure not to miss those, but while you’re waiting, check out this week’s posts.

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