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I used this picture last week and it was suggested that a colour version might look better. I did a lot of editing on this, cropping it and changing it to a watercolour image. I also edited out the cars in the background again.

I think this edit is more artistic, but I’m not sure if it’s better than the one last week.


I like this vintage look. What do you think?


Maybe, a little less editing? This is just with extra contrast and the cars taken out.


Maybe you prefer it monochrome? I think I still like my vintage look. We all tend to prefer different things and so art is in the eye of the beholder. Art is beauty and beauty is art.


I’ve converted this picture of the High Street into a pencil drawing. What do you think? I  like it, it has depth but I particularly like the sign writing on the wall.

MILKY 2013 010

We talk about the weather a lot in England, because it changes so often. I took a few photographs of the Milky Pool yesterday and then the sun came out and I got this nice shot. I still had to edit it and lighten it. I would like to get this shot earlier in the afternoon when the sun is high in the sky and not behind a cloud or the trees. I would like the swan in the centre of the shot too. There is only one now, there were lots when I first photographed the Milky. Even the pigeons and geese have gone. The sounds the birds make, carry quite a way and that was how I found this pool. At night they can sound quite ghostly and they used to think they were the sound of ghosts!

So would you go to an art gallery to see 21st century art like this or would you prefer art from the 20th century or even earlier? Please share you thoughts in the comments box. If you have a digital camera, it doesn’t need to be too fancy; you can become an artist and do pictures like these.


3 responses

  1. Hi Mike, What a wonderful contrast between the different artistic styles of the photos. For the flower cart photos, my preferences are 3, 1, 2, then 4. I like the colour added back in for photo number 3, but the sepia is compelling. The monochrome just doesn’t seem to highlight the features of the photo as well.

    The pen and ink High Street image is wonderful but somehow I don’t think this effect would work well on the Milky Pool photo.

    I definitely go to museums and art galleries with all kinds of art. I live in a community that is known for its artists so we have a lot of art shows here. Discovering artists is wonderful, especially since we often get to meet the artists at the shows. Chatting with them is inspirational, much like reading your thoughts here each week, Mike!

    16, April 2013 at 10:51 am

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Thanks for the kind words. I’ll get an exhibition yet. We do have a new art centre that cost around $100 millions. It’s pink with bubble shapes windows. That tells you something. They have an open exhibition at the moment that I could have entered. I have to photgraph something that someone has crafted. The example was cakes. They had an open one last year that was action shots, then changed their minds when no one entered. If it was local landscapes or architecture, I might be interested. They keep on redeveloping around there too, it always looks like a building site.

      Anyway, I still like the vintage look of second picture! I have a few new canal pictures and one of a heath we discovered. I did a watercolour with that picture, it has fences and horses. I’m experimenting with more of the features on PhotoScape. I like the picture of the Milky, but keep going back because getting the light just right is so difficult there. I shall get a really great picture there one day.

      16, April 2013 at 2:44 pm

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