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Another midweek moan


Today I have used a picture of the churches overlooking the town where I live. When I’m out taking photographs, I often look at them and know I’m still close to home. They stand on a hill with steep sides on this side. A 1,000 years ago a castle stood there and Princess Ethelfreda fought the Viking invaders from there.

I read last night that King Canute once occupied the castle and hunted in the nearby forests. We still have deer that roam on Cannock Chase (once known as Canute’s Chase). I’m fascinated by local history. I read that a stream could be seen from the church at one time, that has disappeared now.

I think those kings, princes and princesses might have enjoyed more loyalty from the local people than the royalty of today. Everything is centralised and run from London now, perhaps regional government would be more close to the people. Maybe, we need our own government in Mercia again? Even the Lord of the Manor lives somewhere down in the South of England. Communities do need a little leadership that is close to the people. Leaders need to set a good example for the people. They should lead with compassion, charity and have an understanding of what people need. We seem to have a culture of greed and avarice led by spivs in smart suits. Having a spare bedroom is a crime now…

The Tate Modern is showcasing a major retrospective of Lebanese artist Saloua Raouda Choucair‘s work. I just had a look at some of the  images and I think they are childish. I’m not a great fan of abstract art and it seems a waste of public money to me. I can appreciate art, I wrote a blog post about contemporary art yesterday. Of course art from Lebanon is far more exotic than art from Birmingham or West Bromwich. The grass is always greener, somewhere else. The art galleries of Britain and the West Midlands will always favour artists from outside. I rarely see art from the artists of the Black Country.  We need to be proud of our creative spirit here. We have writers and artists. I read blog posts by local writers. They don’t get published in the Times like Jeremy Clarkson or get to appear on the BBC or get to become super-rich; but they can write. We also have artists and photographers, who don’t seem to be given opportunities. Class division is still alive and well. Speaking with a Black Country dialect is still some kind of sin. Local galleries could give local artists more opportunities. I mean Walsall art gallery giving artists in Walsall more opportunities. I do see weird and wonderful opportunities for people living in the West Midlands, that seem to go to people from Sutton and Solihull. Then there are the politically correct opportunities that go to anyone whose vote local politicians want to woo. We get token exhibitions of exotic dance or some thing very gay.

That’s my moan for today. In a perverse way, I’m quite looking forward to it raining later… Regular readers will understand… Please share your thought and moans with a comment in the comments box. I do read them and even answer the questions. The Jubilee cost about 10 millions last year, guess what this year’s waste of money is…

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