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A Englishmans home is his castle

Today’s picture is of the Manor House, West Bromwich, which has a St George’s Day Family Fun Day on today. There will also be a big St George’s Day parade in Stone Cross tomorrow.

St George’s Day is actually on Tuesday and there is a campaign to make it a Bank Holiday. I have mixed feelings about celebrating St George’s Day, I have an aversion to anything that promotes nationalism. We have seen the problems that brings before. I do like the idea of celebrating what it is to be English once a year. We should celebrate those traditions and beliefs that we feel are important; like the sanctity of the home. An Englishman’s home is his castle and should be safe. This is why George Osborne’s bedroom tax is so obnoxious to the British people. Fair play is also important to the English and what this government is doing, just isn’t cricket. The Bullingdon Boys are behaving like bullies and even the IMF have criticised them this week and yet again, a credit agency downgrades the UK. 

Finance Friday | The economic fiasco was yesterday’s post about the economy. It seems Ed Miliband has some policies now. It seems amongst other things he wants to increase tax credits to help people into work. No wonder people don’t know who to bloody vote for. Been there, done that; Ed. Subsidising employment doesn’t work. A higher minimum wage, higher personal tax allowances and a freeze on social housing rents/council tax would be a start.

Thrifty Thursday | Keeping food costs down was Thursday’s post.  We have to survive at least until the general election in 2015, so we have to be thrifty. What with us being thrifty and the government being downright mean; no wonder GDP has dropped.

Another midweek moan was Wednesday’s popular post. That was the day of the funeral, which most people thought was a waste of money. We could have spent that ten million quid on a St George’s Day celebration that the whole nation could have enjoyed.

Neodigital Art | Defining Art was Tuesday’s popular art and photography post. I joined a Facebook art group this week. It’s for artists in the heart of England. In the Black Country and around the Midlands there must be lots of photographers and artists. We can perhaps be more influential as a group. The group also welcomes people who appreciate art or who support the arts.

Psychology | Emotional motivation was  another psychology post about the complexities of the human mind and how it controls behaviour. Who is crazy? The person who drives down the motorway every day, unconcerned. Or the person who is scared to drive down the motorway in case he gets in an accident. The latter is far safer, so is he the sane one? 

A Black Country ramble was Sunday’s post about what was on my mind and  like most people it was what was in the news. Since then we have seen the funeral, bombs going off in Boston, a terrible explosion in Texas and real suffering around the world. That should put our problems here in the UK into perspective. We are really lucky, but we complain because people here suffer needlessly. We have the wealth and resources to fix most of the problems that we have. The mantra of the government is ‘we are all in this together’, but this week the deep division between the haves and the have nots was highlighted by that funeral. In death, Thatcher brought together many of the people she hated and they partied.

What do you think. The politicians won’t listen, but I do. Please comment and share your thoughts…


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