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Today’s picture is of the River Tame, here in the Black Country. There are millions of flowers growing down the sides in Spring; this was last May. Only an English eccentric would know something like that. I shall check again this year and see if they grow along the Tame in Sandwell Valley.

Eccentric isn’t crazy, it’s being off centre; different from the norm. English eccentrics aren’t sheep, we aren’t dedicated followers of fashion. We don’t follow, but we might lead sometimes. Many comedians are a little eccentric. I saw Lee Mack and Bobby Ball in ‘Not going out’ the other night. I think they probably qualify as eccentric. Eccentrics tend to lead the way in comedy. I did think that programme could have been funnier though, too many little jokes. It lost the element of surprise that one really clever and funny line can bring. Eccentricity transcends the class system too, there have been notable royals who have been eccentric, bordering on completely nuts. Edward VIII who married the American, Mrs Simpson didn’t accept the norm and was more creative. I suppose the present Prince of Wales is eccentric too, as is his father. There are a lot of eccentrics here in the Black Country, many of them are now bloggers and writers. There are eccentric artists too. That is what being eccentric is about, creativity, creating stuff that is different; not being a follower, not being a sheep.

The government has no real eccentrics, no creativity. Ed Miliband tried to put together a few thoughts on policies this week and it was the same old crap. The Tories are stuck in  them and us ideology, driven by monetarist ideas that should have been consigned to the wheelie bins of history along with Thatcher and Thatcherism. They gave £267 million  to Pakistan last year, which sort of dwarfs the £10 million they wasted on the witches funeral this week. They plan to give Pakistan £446 million next year, which is double according to the BBC and more than double according to the Telegraph. This proves  that journalists are crap at maths. Double £267 million is £534, my dears; but still you were only £100 million out. What’s £100 million when the government is spending close to £10 billions on foreign aid a year. This is of course to help poor people overseas, but while the poor here lose their homes to the bedroom tax and have to try to live on £56 a week; people overseas are starving. Maybe, they are starving and living in poverty in Pakistan, because most politicians there don’t pay any income tax. The Right Honorable Iain Dunkin’ Donuts MP can of course live on £56 a week easily. Maybe he rents out his 4 spare bedrooms to Pakistani politicians?

If we are going to help anyone, why not Cyprus? Things are so bad there, they are having to raid the bank accounts of savers. But all these liabilities on the books of European governments are assets on the books of pension funds, banks and the foreign currency rich, Chinese government. China has enough spare cash to buy Cyprus and only an English eccentric would think this is a good idea. Well, maybe not buy it, but they could lease it for 100 years or so. It worked for Hong Kong, we leased it for 100 years and gave it back to China; good as new…  No more Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots, the country would be unified as Chinese Cypriots. You know this makes sense…

Anyway, I joined a Black Country Art group this week on Facebook. They seem a bit eccentric too, but it is a requirement to being creative. I think the eccentrics of England should be consultants for the government and political parties. We should be given notebooks, Ipads, Nikon cameras and super-computers to aid our creativity and left to get on with it. By next week all the countries problems could be solved. I’m not too sure about Pakistan or gay marriage though…

How about you? Are you an eccentric or a sheep, please comment if you’re only a bit eccentric… I just know I’m going to get a comment that says… baa…

3 responses

  1. I haven’t seen any of this series of ‘Not Going Out.’ Used to love it but I guess after time, the jokes end up sounding the same.

    21, April 2013 at 10:52 am

    • Hi NIck,

      I’ve only seen it twice. The constant quick fire sarcasm doesn’t work very good. In a blog, one good line carries the whole post. I think they should have a drama script with some humour, rather than an attempt at humour with a little drama.

      21, April 2013 at 2:34 pm

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