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Neodigital Art | Getting creative

A The Milky

The whole idea of art is to experiment and use your creativity to the maximum. You might not get it right every time, but you can create something and then just see how it looks. I’m getting really creative this week, with PhotoScape. 


For some weird technical reason, you have to click that picture so it opens in a new window to see the animation. 

Now this is interesting. I edited these pictures last night and then had a go at an animated GIF and found this special effect. So I can combine a number of pictures in one. One of the pictures is of the ‘Sanna’ when there wasn’t much water in it. There is a picture of the canal and the others are the Milky Pool. I’ve tried to do an artistic edit with all of them.

A Bench

I used the coloured pencil option on this photo. It was interesting how I took this photo. I saw a large area of land on the map, behind some houses and went to investigate. I found this large field and horses grazing. It made for an interesting picture for the header on my Facebook Timeline.

A scene

This is the same place, but not so close to that bench. This was the watercolour effect in PhotoScape.

Neodigital Art is about experimenting with art produced digitally. You can draw a picture, scan it or photograph  it; then manipulate it with software. You can scan a photo and do the same with that. You can manipulate photos from your camera with free software to produce stunning art works. Why not try it? You can also use a graphics tablet and get even more creative. Many people use PhotoShop, but I find it tends to lead people in the same direction and all the photos look the same. I don’t spend more money that I need to and use free software like Windows Photo Gallery to do basic editing like increasing highlights and contrast. PhotoScape is freeware and has a lot of tools that can be used creatively to do something interesting. The important thing for me is finding the right subject to photograph. I can combine art with local geography and even local history. You can find some images on Google to get some idea of how to take photos and edit them. I think if I was having an exhibition, I would choose just the ones that are outstanding and really creative. It is something that I constantly look to develop and improve. If I get some good light this summer I hope for even better images. I have some good images of the Milky pool, but I never get it exactly the way I think it could be. I want a photo took in Spring, with the sun high in the sky and then I might be able to edit it to something really good. The photo that I took in Merrion’s Wood that still hangs in the local hospital is still the best one yet.

What do you think? Is there an artist in you? Please share your thoughts in the comments box.

6 responses

  1. Hi Mike, I love the slider gif on the second image. Very cool! WordPress just added a Gallery slide show feature in the latest update. I just used that last week in one of my posts. Very cool. I don’t know why it didn’t work on your blog!

    I hope you get a show soon, Mike. Your work is amazing. You would have a very difficult time choosing which photos to enter though, you have so many to choose from!

    23, April 2013 at 1:21 pm

    • Hi Carolyn,

      That slide show thing worked OK in editing and preview and then wouldn’t work when i published. I took it out on a zillion ideas, but left it in here. I was posting a link to an art group, so wanted things as good as I could get them. It’s a shame animated GIFS don’t work. They are easy to do and you can even edit photos while you’re doing the animated GIF, switching one to the other.

      I’ve joined an art group on Facebook, perhaps there is more influence in art groups! They seem to like my pictures anyway!

      I shall be doing more tutorials. Still more tricks to find! Thanks for the comment and for pinning that picture of The Milky.

      23, April 2013 at 3:18 pm

  2. I just pinned your animated photos. Very cool! Perhaps a lesson on how to do that is in our future?

    23, April 2013 at 1:24 pm

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